Is Spinach Good For Weight Loss?

Is Spinach Good For Weight Loss?

The short answer is yes; spinach can help with weight loss. What makes spinach great for weight loss is spinach is very filling and is very low in calories.

You see, weight loss happens when one is taking in fewer calories a day than they burn, and low-calorie filling foods like spinach will help you achieve that goal.

Spinach’s ability to be so filling without being high in calories has a lot to do with its high water content as water itself is very filling to consume, and as you probably already know, water has no calories.  Spinach is made up of 92 percent water.

Water is not the only weight loss friendly content found in spinach.  Spinach also has fiber which is also great for weight loss. Fiber like water is also filling and fiber has virtually no calories because it’s hard for the body to break fiber down and extract energy out of it.

Other contents of spinach include vitamins and minerals all these contents are low in calories and so overall spinach is a very low calorie nutritious food to eat.

In all, one cup of cooked spinach contains only 41 calories.

One cup of raw dry spinach leaves contains only 6.9 calories.



Popular Ways Spinach Can Be Used For Weight Loss


1. As a Low-Calorie Side/As a Filling Side Dish



A common complaint of people who are on various weight-loss diets is that they are constantly eating meals where they are never really full. 

This is why vegetables like spinach can be such a great addition to your weight loss diet because spinach can make meals so much more filling without adding a lot of additional calories to the meal. 

You can have a meal that consists of a tasty entrée and side of filling, nutritious, and low calorie spinach.


2. As Alternative To Lettuce In Salads

Another great way that spinach can be used for weight loss is as an alternative for lettuce in salads.  Salads are commonly used in weight-loss diets, and depending on how a salad is prepared, it can be a very low-calorie weight loss friendly meal.

People often use lettuce for the foundation of their salads, but dry spinach leaves can be used as an alternative to lettuce in salads.

As already mentioned, spinach is filling and low in calories, so using dry spinach leaves as the foundation of a salad will help ensure the overall salad is filling and low in calories.

Plus, spinach is extremely nutrient dense, so not only will using dry spinach leaves in a salad help keep the salad filling and low in calories, but it will also help ensure that the salad is extremely nutritious.

Again, one cup of raw dry spinach leaves contains only 6.9 calories.


3. Standalone Meal

As a standalone meal. Spinach can be eaten all by itself because spinach has such a low calorie foundation you can dress it up and it can still be a relatively low calorie meal.



Spinach and contents of spinach ability to be great for weight loss is not just theoretical many studies back up spinach ability to be great for weight loss.

Spinach has water, and water has the potential to be good for weight loss:(1)(2)

Spinach has fiber, and fiber has the potential to be good for weight loss.

Various studies reveal that consuming fiber can inversely affect factors that can cause obesity (1)(2)(3).


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