Sprinting For Weight Loss: Why Sprinting is Beneficial, How Many Calories Can You Burn

sprinting for weight loss

Sprinting for weight loss can be extremely effective.  Sprinting can be great for weight loss and in this article we will talk about why.  The notion that sprinting is great for weight loss is not just a belief.  There are studies that show a correlation between regular sprinting and weight loss (1)(2).

Why Sprinting Is Great For Weight Loss

1. Great For Burning Calories

It’s important to understand that weight loss is all about taking in fewer calories than you’re burning.

Calories are units of energy that we get primarily through the foods we consume. We expend calories through activity. 

Sprinting can help with weight loss because it can cause the body to expend energy or burn more calories.

The reason why sprinting is so great at burning calories is because its a very demanding activity on the body. To sprint, muscles through the body have to work at a very fast pace and high intensity, and such movement requires a lot of energy.

Just How Many Calories Does Sprinting Burn?

Based on your weight sprinting for 30 seconds can burn between 8.25 to 12.21 calories.  

Depending on how long your sprint for, that can really add up.

There are various studies that indicate that you can burn various amounts of calories sprinting.

Now we are all going to burn calories naturally. But if you add the calories you burn from sprinting on top of the calories you burn will naturally, it can really add up.

You can burn a lot more calories sprinting compared if you did lower intensity activity like walking for the same amount of time.


2. Can Create EPOC

Sprinting is not just great at burning calories while you’re exercising it can burn calories post exercise as well.

Sprinting is the type of activity that can push the body to such an extent that it needs recovery time.

Sprinting can create EPOC or (Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption) which is a recovery period that the body goes through after exercise.

Because sprinting is the type of exercise that has the body working at a very high intensity, it can generate a strong epoc effect.


3. Can Help Tone Certain Muscle Groups

Sprinting is great because it helps tone certain muscle groups. Having more toned muscles helps reduce the appearance of fat and gives a individual a more lean look.


How To Sprint For Weight Loss

An effective way to do sprint workouts is in intervals. Where you sprint for a brief period of time, take a brief rest break where you do a lower intensity activity like walking, jogging, or come to a complete rest, recover + recharge, and sprint again.

For example, sprint for 30 seconds, then take a break for 1 minute (where you walk, jog, or come to a complete stop), and then sprint for another 30 seconds.

You can do this in several intervals.




Should You Eat A Banana Before or After a Workout?

Bananas are the perfect food for working out. But often, the questions come up of whether it’s better to eat bananas before working out or after working out. It’s important to explore the benefits of eating bananas pre work out and then post and answer the question, “is one time better than the other?”.

As you read on, you may notice some of the very things that make bananas good to eat pre-workout also make them good to eat post-workout.

Benefit of Eating Bananas Pre-Workout:

1. Provide You Longer Lasting Energy

They can provide you energy. They can provide you energy at relatively little calorie expense.  Most of the energy comes from the sugar content, but the calories that come from the sugar content go a long way in large part due to its fiber content. You see, fiber helps slow down your body’s ability to break down sugar. So energy buzz will last longer.  Therefore, eating a banana pre workout can help keep energized before the workout.

2. Fill You Up 

Bananas can fill you up at relatively little calorie expense.  This can be beneficial if you’re working out to try to lose weight.  So if weight loss is one of your workout goals, you can eat banana and be made full at relatively little calorie expense.

3. May Help Prevent Cramping

Eating bananas prior to working out may help prevent cramps in the first place (ib). Bananas are great for helping muscles contract and send electrical signals, which is why eating bananas prior to working out may help prevent cramping.  Which may help speed up post-exercise recovery.  Therefore, eating bananas can help to make sure that you’re exercises don’t hindered by cramping.


Eating bananas before working out can help you from going hungry when working, help your energy levels up, and help prevent cramping when working out. All these things can help improve your exercise performance.


Benefit of Eating Bananas Post-Workout:

1. Relatively Low Calories / Can Help With Post Exercise Hunger

Bananas can take care of post-exercise hunger, and at about 100 calories single banana is relatively low in calories. Therefore, if you are working out to lose weight, eating a banana after your workout will help take care of your post-exercise hunger without adding back on a lot of calories that you have worked so hard to lose.

An apple is another great low-calorie food to turn for post-exercise hunger.

2. Can Help With Post Exercise Fatigue

After a hard workout, you may feel exhaustion and fatigue, and you may feel like your energy is totally zapped. Bananas are a great food to take of post-exercise fatigue.

And as just mentioned, bananas are low in calories, so when they help with fatigue, they do so at little calorie expense.

3. May Help Muscles Recover/ Can Help Replenish Potassium

Potassium is an important mineral to muscles, and potassium is often lost through exercise (ib).  Bananas can help replenish the potassium that is lost by exercising.

•Relax Muscles (ib) Eating bananas post work out can serve the purpose of relaxing your muscles. Because of banana’s potassium content, bananas are a great post work out food.

4. Helps Reduce Physical Stress on The Body (ib)

Eating bananas post work out can do an excellent job of doing is helping the body to recover from stress post workout.


Bananas are great post-workout because they serve as a low-calorie, filling, and healthy food that will help you replenish, rejuvenate and recover your body in many ways.



“Is it better to eat bananas before or after working out?” is not a simple question to answer because eating a banana pre or post-workout will serve two entirely different purposes.

In general eating bananas before working out will improve work out performance.  While eating bananas after working out will improve recovery and will help replenish the body.

So it comes down to personal preference of how you want bananas to aid in your workout process.

If you want to use bananas to optimize workout performance, you will eat them pre-workout. If you want to use bananas to help with recovery, you will eat them post work out.

Also, no rule says you can’t do both eat bananas before and after you work out.

However, like any food, you don’t want to overindulge in bananas. Because if you overeat any food, you will overload on the calories and nutrients that foods provide.


Jumping Jacks: Health Benefits, How To, Risk & Pregnancy

Jumping jacks is an exercise that provides so many benefits to the body and one the best things about jumping jacks is that you do them from the comfort of your own home.

Health Benefits of Jumping Jacks

1. Burn Calories Promote Weight Loss

Calories are units of energy, and when perform jumping jacks, you are moving the entire body in a constant motion which requires a lot of energy, especially if you’re doing jumping jacks at a fast paste.

The amount of calories that you burn can really add up depending on how many you do. However, you don’t want to overwork the body. It’s very important to be aware of physical discomfort.


2. Very Convenient

Performing jumping jacks allows you to get a real workout while staying stationary in one spot so that you can do this exercise in the comfort of your own, and it requires no equipment.


3. Can Benefit Cardiovascular Health

Doing jumping jacks can be beneficial to one’s heart health. The nonstop repetitive motion can get the body working into an extra gear.  You see the heart is a muscle and exercises like jumping jacks help strengthen this muscle so it works more effectively


4. Great For The Bones

Jumping jacks are great for the bones because it’s a high impact activity. When you do high-impact activity, it causes the bones to reinforce themselves.

Various studies have shown a correlation between high-impact activities and increase bone density (1)(2)(3)

There are studies that show how jumping exercises, in particular, can help with bone strength (1)(2)(3).


5. Great For Keeping You Shape

Jumping jacks is a full-body exercise, and when you consider the physical benefits and the cardiovascular benefits, it’s great for keeping you in shape (ms).


How To Properly Perform Jumping Jacks


It’s always a good idea to stretch before you start performing jumping jacks.

Where comfortable clothing.


Anything done excessively can pose a problem, Always be aware of how your feeling, if you start to discomfort or payne.

If you’re pregnant its definitely a good idea to talk to your doctor before doing jumping jacks.


Hill Sprints: Benefits, Work Outs, How To, & More

Sprinting uphill is a very rigorous way to exercise, but it can provide many unique or special benefits to the body.

Hill Sprint Benefits

1. Can Make You a Stronger Runner (ib)

Muscles that you use for running have to work extra hard when you’re running uphill because gravity is working against you; as a result, these muscles develop, and it can lead to you be a more powerful and faster runner. Hill sprints have been shown to increase a runners power (ib) and speed (ib).


2. Great For Strengthening Various Muscles.

As just mentioned, hill sprints work many muscles, and it doesn’t just work muscles in your lower body; it works muscles all over your body.  Some of the muscles that hill sprints work include:


Ab Muscles (ib)

Hill sprints aren’t just great for working your legs; they are great for working your core as well.

When you’re performing hill sprints, you’re running against gravity, so the core muscles have to be engaged to hold your upper body so that you don’t fall backward (ib).

Also, when you perform hill sprints because you’re running uphill, you have to raise your knees higher when you run. When you raise your legs, your knees come up close to your chest like doing a crunch that can further engage the core muscles (ib).

That is why when you run hill sprints, you may notice a burning sensation on the abs because it really works the abs (ib).


3. Can Help With Weight Loss & Toning of the Body

Doing rigorous exercises like hill sprints can burn calories in a fraction of the time compared to if you were doing less intensive activities.

Calories are units of energy that the body burns or uses when it performs a physical activity. The more demanding of energy the physical activity is, the more calories that you will that. That is why a demanding activity like hill sprints is perfect for burning calories.

What makes hill sprints so demanding is that you are running at high speed, which requires a lot of energy, and you’re running uphill, making it even more challenging and demanding.

Also, as just mentioned, hill sprints work certain muscle groups, which reduces the appearance. You see, your fat lays on top of the muscle, and as your muscles develop, the fat on top of the muscles is forced spread out reducing its appearance.

So not only do hill sprints burn fat, they spread it out, reducing its appearance (ib).


4. Makes You Less Injury Prone (ib)

When sprinting uphill, even though you’re running at your top speed because you’re running on an inclined surface, you will only go so fast, which ultimately makes it less injury-prone than if you were running at full speed on a flat surface.(ib).


5. Can Be Beneficial To Cardiovascular Health

Performing hill sprints can help make your heart stronger, because performing high intensity exercises like hill sprints really works the heart.


How To Do Hill Sprints:



Hill sprints is a very grueling way to exercise so you might want to do something lose to get the body warmed up and you might want to stretch.


How To Perform:

An excellent way to perform hill sprints is in intervals.


How To Perform

Its always a good idea to stretch and to do a warm up exercise before you do a high intensity exercise like hill sprints (ib). You go to inclined hill and you run up the hill as quickly as you can.  It is definitely recommended that you stretch before you start performing hill sprints.


Hill Sprint Workouts

A great way to perform hill sprints is intervals where you have a recovery period (ib).

Can You Lose Fat By Lifting Weights

lose fat lifting weights

In this article, we discuss why lifting weights can help you burn fat and how much weight you burn by lifting weights.

Why Lifting weights can help you burn fat

1. You Can Lose Weight In Act

Fat all comes down to calories, and calories are simply units of energy. When you do activities that require you to exert a lot of energy, it will burn more calories. The more energy the activity requires, the more calories you will burn or deplete to provide that energy.
How many calories can a lot do with the weight, and much your pushing yourself with exercising? Exercises that are grueling that require more energy to complete are going to require more energy
as you know, calories are units of energy.


2. You can burn weight in the recovery period.

Now there are different views on how many calories you can burn. I believe a lot that is based on your own weight and how much your body was pushed doing the exercise itself. Still, if you combine the calories you lose through the weight loss process itself and the calories you lose post-workout, it can definitely add up to a meaningful difference.

Body building is all about tearing muscles down and building them back up.

It involves many muscles throughout the entire body.


3. Muscle Development

Yes, you can lose fat by lifting weights because lifting weights burn muscle. How much calories muscles burned is debatable, but it’s true that muscles burn more calories than fat. It is said each pound of muscle burns so many calories.


4. Can Reduce The Appearance of Fat

Makes You More Toned (Reducing The Appearance of Fat)

Not only does losing weight burn fat, but it reduces the appearance of fat. That’s why even if you’re not trying to get bulky, it’s a good idea to lift weights are do some other resistance exercise.

Losing weight also gave you a more tone and chiseled look because it spreads the fat out; many people lose weight but still have a mushy tummy because there is no muscle underneath. Abs will spread. That out’s why you hear terms such as skinny fat.
For example, some people lose a lot of weight but still have a tummy or belly, Then they do abb workouts to develop abs, and their stomachs are more firm because as the muscles develop, the layer of fat on top of the muscles spreads out making it thinner.

Creating Muscle Will Give You Less of An Appearance of fat
More toned appearance


Can Fruit Make You Lose Weight

Can Fruit Make You Lose Weight?

Eating fruit will not guarantee you lose weight, but it can definitely contribute. You see, weight loss ultimately comes down to burning more calories than you taking in. or having a calorie deficit. Now why fruits can be helpful is because many fruits are filling and have low calories, which can help mitigate your calorie intake for the day because they are filling you up at little calorie expense.

There some fruits that are standouts.

What Tends To Make Fruit So Great For Weight Loss

In general, most fruits are low in calories and filling with some rare exceptions. Here are some of the best fruits for weight loss.  In general, often times the reason why fruits are great for weight loss is that they are high in water and fiber, and the content that can contribute to weight loss, like sugar, is found in small amounts.

(Some of the best fruits for weight loss are the most commonly consumed fruits)

Fruits That Contribute To Weight Loss

1. Grape Fruit

Grapefruits are one of the most weight loss-friendly foods you can eat as they can completely fill up and are at 76 calories (ib).  Grapefruit has a high water concentration even for fruits, so they are so juicy when you eat them (ib).

2. Apples

Apples are very filling and low in calories. Apples are another fruit that is one of the best at filling you up at little calorie expense. As one to two apples can fill you up or can fill an average person up, and a medium apple is only blank calories.

3. Bananas

Bananas can be a great food for weight loss. In general, often times the reason why fruits are great for weight loss is that they are high in water and fiber, and the content that can contribute to weight loss, like sugar, is found in small amounts.

Why Sprinting Is A Great HIIT Exercise

Sprinting is an excellent HIIT exercise. HIIT or (High-Intensity Interval Training) is a way of working out where you do a high-intensity burst followed by a rest & recovery period, followed by another high-intensity burst. Doing the resting & recovery period, you can do a lesser intensity exercise, or you can stop and take a short break before your next high-intensity burst.

An example of doing sprinting as an hiit exercise is where you can sprint for 30 seconds, and can have recovery period (where you walk, jog, or come to a complete stop, or do some other low intensity activity) followed by another 30 second hiit sprint.

Why if Sprinting Such A Great HIIT Exercise

1. Gets You Working Out A High Intensity

The whole purpose of hiit is to get the body working at a high intensity, which is why sprinting can definitely make for a great hiit exercise because sprinting can definitely get your body working at a high intensity.  With sprinting you’re using muscles throughout the body in the upper body the core, and the lower body and you’re pushing there max and as you can see there are many benefits to this.

Sprinting is such a great HIIT exercise.
One of the main purposes of an HIIT workout is that they really work the body, and sprinting definitely does do that.

2. Great for calorie burning in weight loss
We just stated that with sprinting, you could burn calories in a fraction of the time, and that’s because, in general, when you sprint you burn blank calories per blank seconds are minutes.\

3. More of a work out in a fraction of the time
You can get just as much of a workout in a fraction of time, and you can also burn the same amount of calories in a fraction of the time.

4. A Very Convenient

Sprinting is a very convenient way to exercise as we’ve already mentioned that sprinting is very time friendly, so we already know it’s convenient in that regard, but on top of that, sprinting requires no equipment, and its an exercise that we all have a general familiarity with.

Sprinting is probably the most and efficient and easiest exercise as sprinting is something that everyone knows how to do.

5. Work The Whole

Works the whole body, and this is why a lot of athletes do sprinting

6. Epoc (excess post oxygen consumption)
Because sprinting pushes the whole body so hard, it develops epoc or a recovery period where the body is still burning calories.

7. Works the heart
Can build a strong heart and can build endurance. Having a strong heart can be very beneficial because many complications that people run into are heart-related

increases endurance i believe.

There are so many other reasons why sprinting is such a great HIIT exercise.

Benefits of Cherry Tomatoes

Cherry tomatoes are an excellent food to make a part of a diet because there are many amazing health benefits of eating cherry tomatoes.

Cherry tomatoes can be added to salads, and they can give the salad a more colorful taste and enhance the nutritional value of the salad without adding too many calories.

1. Great For Weight Loss

It can be great for weight loss as I believe a cup serving of cherry tomatoes has only 25 calories. One of the reasons that cherry tomatoes are great for weight loss is because of their fiber and water content.

Topping a salad with cherry tomatoes will make the salad more filling without adding a lot of calories to the salad, which should ultimately make the salad more weight loss-friendly.


2. They May Be Beneficial for the Skin

Cherry tomatoes are good for the skin because of the contest it has. Contents that are good for the skin found in cherry tomatoes include:

Lycopene: Lycopene can help protect skin from UV exposure.

Vitamin C: People know vitamin C for its benefit of boosting the immune system. A lesser-known benefit of vitamin C is its ability to assist collagen production and maintenance (ib). Collagen is the protein that helps prevents skin from wrinkling and forming lines when it’s folded or creases or creased.


3. They May Be Beneficial for the Heart

Tomatoes can be seen as great for the heart because of the many contents that they have in them. Heart disease is a major problem throughout the world. Some of the contents found in cherry tomatoes that make them good for the heart include:

Potassium: Potassium plays a major part in heat health. Getting the correct amount of potassium can help your heart maintain the correct rhythm for a heartbeat.

Lycopene: Studies have shown a possible correlation between lycopene intake and a lower risk of various heart-related issues.


4. Good for Cancer

Cherry tomatoes have various contents which may help reduce the risk of getting certain types of cancers.


5. Excellent Source of Various Beneficial Contents

• Vitamin A has a number of benefits. Some of the benefits include protection of vision and also help the immune system.

•Vitamin C has many health benefits. Two benefits of vitamin c are that it can boost the immune system and is great for the skin.

•Lycopene  Tomatoes are a great source of lycopene (as shown in the chart); one cup or 149 grams of cherry tomatoes contains a decent amount of a person’s daily lycopene requirements.

• Zeaxanthin is another beneficial content found in tomatoes in very substantial quantities.


6. Can Make A Great Addition To Salads

Cherry tomatoes are commonly added to salads and can enhance salads in many ways. As mentioned before, cherry tomatoes are filling, low in calories, nutritious, and tomatoes have a very tasty flavor or colorful taste. Therefore, when you add them to a salad, they can make the salad more filling and nutritious without adding a lot of calories, and cherry tomatoes can give the salad a more colorful taste.

How To Prepare

Cherry red potatoes do not require much preparation. You do want to make sure that you thoroughly wash the cherry tomatoes off before you prepare them.