What Is The Keto Diet

The keto diet is one of the most, if not the most, popular diets in the world.  It’s a diet that has been supported by many doctors and scientists alike.  So the question becomes why has the keto diet been successful for so many when other diets have not.

Now the simple and short answer to the question of why keto has been so effective compared to many other diets is that it is so effective because it makes your body more effective at burning body fat.

What is Keto diet & Ketosis?

Weight Loss Tips

1. Never Completely Quit/Always Come Back

Don’t ever quit completely. Always come back and try to remember why it didn’t work the last time so that you can come back bigger and better.


2. Try To Make Your Meals Nutritious, Filling, & Enjoyable

Try to make your meals nutritious, filling, & enjoyable. You can do this by having a filling, healthy side.


3. Have A “Can Do Attitude”

Understand that many people who are successful with weight loss may have a rocky start. But they never quit permanently or for good. When they did quit they would come right back smarter and wiser.  


4. Scratch Beneath The Surface

Whenever you cheat on your diet always scratch beneath the surface to see what’s truly causing you to cheat on your diet.

Is Fiber Good For Weight Loss?

fiber weight loss

Why Is Fiber Great For Weight Loss

Fiber is great for weight loss because it’s hard for the body to break down. You see calories are units of energy that are extracted out of the foods we eat. When we take in to much energy the excess energy is stored as fat. Now because the body has a hard time breaking down fiber it is for the most part unable to extract energy out of fiber. Therefore fiber travels through the body filling you up but it doesn’t contribute virtually any calories to the body.

Now not all fibers are created the same. Two fibers that are great for weight loss



Soluble Fiber (Absorbs Water)

Soluble fiber is not just great for weight loss because it is filling and has virtually no calories. It’s also great for weight loss because it has the ability to absorb liquids. This capability gives soluble fiber the potential to be very weight loss friendly.

Insoluble Fiber (Does Not Absorb Water)

Insoluble fiber does not absorb water like soluble fiber does. But it’s still great for weight loss because it travels through the body mostly intact, taking up space but not contributing a lot of calories.


Great Fiber Rich Foods That Are Good Weight Loss:



Oatmeal (soluble fiber

Can Chicken Help With Weight Loss

chicken weight loss

Chicken has the potential to be great for weight loss. For example a grilled chicken 3 ounce breast only contains 102 calories, and a single chicken breast has the potential to be very filling.  Now, keep in mind this is grilled chicken, not fried.



Depending On How Prepare chicken, it can eat away at its ability to weight loss-friendly; for example, when you fry chicken, you are cooking in calorie-dense oils that can dramatically increase the calories overall. When it comes to the preparation of the chicken from a weight loss perspective, usually the lesser ingredients, the better. However, if you one to add things, add them in moderation.

How To Stop Stress Eating

stress eating

Stress’s effect on bad eating is not hypothetical. There are studies that show a link between cortisol, which is a chemical that is released when you’re stressed and bad eating.

How To Stop Stress Eating

– Find alternative ways to deal with stress

– Learn what causes you to stress, and then find better ways to deal with these triggers so they don’t cause you stress.  Keep in mind it may be a single even that causes you stress you may just have a natural anxiety.

– Have a morning routine. If you have a morning routine where you can prepare for the day physically and mentally, it can reduce  the stress you feel that day.

– Practice centering your mind. There are studies that show that meditation can lead to a reduction in binge eating and emotional eating (1)(2).

Are Apples Good For Weight Loss

Apples Weight Loss

While no food can guarantee weight loss, here are several reason’s why apples have the potential to be great for weight loss.

The reason why apples are so great for weight loss is that they are very filling, yet they have very few calories. Eating one or two apples can fill you up, and a medium apple contains only about 95 calories.



Apple’s potential to be great for weight loss is not just theoretical. There are many studies that show a link between apples and various contents found in apples and weight loss.

– This study shows apples…


-This study show fiber, which, as been mentioned before, is a content found in apples, is great for weight loss.

Apples have the potential to be great for weight loss because they can fill you up at very little calorie expense. There are studies that show a link between apple consumption and weight loss.




How Are Apples Able To Be So Filling Yet Be So Low In Calories?

There are several reaons why apples are able to be so filling and yet low in calories.  In this sections we will list the reasons.

High Water Content

One of the main reasons apples are so filling but are yet so low in calories is because of their water content. Water, as you may already know, has no calories, and water is very filling. Therefore, foods with a huge water concentration tend to be few to be low in calories and filling. Or have the same profile. Apples are made up of percent water.

(They’re many studies that back up the notion that consuming water is good for weight loss)

High Fiber Content

As you may already no calories are units of energy.

It’s hard for the body to break down fiber and extract energy. Fiber passes through the body largely intact, so fiber has virtually no calories and fiber is filling when it’s in your system. Therefore foods that have fiber contents tend to be very filling and lower in calories and great for weight loss.


Contents That Do Have Calories Are Found In Small Amounts

Not all apple contents have no or virtually no calories like apple’s fiber and water content. Apples also have sugar, which has contents. But these contents that have calories are found in very small amounts, quantities, or grams.


Not A Sure Thing

Earlier it was explained that apples are very filling and low calories making them great for weight loss.

Now although apples are a weight loss-friendly food, that doesn’t guarantee if you eat apples, you’re going to weight loss because weight loss doesn’t come down to if you’re eating one food or not. It comes down to the combined calorie intake of all the foods you eat. If the calorie intake of the foods you eat is less than what your body burns, then you will experience weight loss.

The Importance of Being Patient When It Comes to Weight Loss

When losing weight, patience is so important and can be a big determinant of weight loss success. It’s important to be patient both with the weight loss process itself as weight loss is a slow process, and it’s also important to be patient when you have set back. This article will discuss how to become more patient with the process and how to become more patient when you make mistakes.

Being Patient With The Process

If you’re on a slow and steady diet, it can be a little frustrating.  Because sometimes you feel like you are moving at a snail’s pace and want to lose weight tomorrow.

However, the fact that your diet is so slow in steady is the very reason why it is more likely to work long term.

You see, there is a study that shows that blank percent of people gain it back.  A lot of it has to do with the fact people aren’t able to sustain their weight efforts.


How To Be Patient With The Process Patience


• Work To Improve Yourself In Other Areas

Often, if you’re improving yourself in other areas alongside weight loss, it can take the pressure and the focus off weight loss.




Being Patient When you Make Mistakes

Weight loss is a skill. Like any other skill, you will more than likely be bad at it when you start it.
However, if you’re impatient, it can quit before you have time to learn from beginner mistakes and be good.

People often think of being impatient as angry, but it can be overly upset and demoralized because of a weight loss mistake.

Happiness Effect On Weight Loss

Although losing weight won’t inevitably make you happy, being happy from the beginning may help with weight loss.

There are a variety of reasons why being happy can help with weight loss.

Why Being Happy Can Be Helpful To Weight Loss:

1. May Be Easier To Cut Certain Foods Out of Our Diet

We often think that we desire foods for taste alone, but we also desire foods for the dopamine boost that they can give. When you’re in a naturally happier state, it can be easier to pass up on these foods and cut these foods out of your diet because you’re already in a heightened state.

2. Makes You Less Likely To Cheat on Your Diet Because of Being In a Bad Mood

Occasions when you’re feeling down can cause you to cheat on your diet, because when you’re feeling down, you may turn to food for a pick-me up. Now, if you’re naturally in a happy state, you should have fewer occasions where you are feeling down. Therefore, you should be less likely to cheat on your diet because of having a bad mood.

3. Takes Pressure Off Weight Loss

When you’re unhappy, and you’re also overweight, it can feel like losing weight will solve all your problems. So there can be so much more pressure put on weight loss, so every time you cheat on your diet or have set back, it can be that much more upsetting because you have so much riding on weight loss lot of emotional eating can occur as a result. The thing is, you want to take the emotion and focus off of weight loss. That is why it’s beneficial to be happy because you won’t put so much pressure on weight loss.


Tips On How To Build Happiness


1. Learn To Live In The Moment


2. Do Things That You Are Passionate About or That Give You  Sense of Progress

Work on things that you’re passionate about.  When you make progress on these things you are working on, it can give you a real sense of joy.

For example, if your passion is writing and you’re working on a book, nothing beats adding a couple more paragraphs or pages of good content to that book.


3. Surround Yourself With Positive Uplifting People