Why HIIT is Great For Weight Loss

HIIT or (High-Intensity Interval Training) is extremely effective at creating weight loss.


Why HIIT Is So Effective For Weight Loss

1. Burns More Calories

Simply put, calories are units of energy. When the body consumes more calories than it needs, the leftover energy becomes stored energy, otherwise known as fat.

The reason why high-intensity interval training is so good for weight loss is that when you increase the intensity at which you exercise, it requires more energy to perform the exercise; therefore, you’re burning for energy, calories, and eventually more fat.

Now when you pick up the intensity at which you perform an exercise, it requires more energy to perform it. That’s why you’re more exhausted if you’ve done an exercise at a higher intensity.

So it should be no surprise when you pick up the pace and intensity at which you exercise, more energy will be required to perform the exercise, and you will thereby burn more calories and ultimately burn more fat.


When you exercise at a high intensity, you don’t just burn calories during the exercise process itself; you continue to burn calories post-exercise.

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Now there are a lot of mixed opinions about how much weight that you actually burn. On the high side, people say you can burn blank calories, and on the low side, people say you can only burn blank calories.

However, keep in mind there are blank calories in a pound. Even on the low end, your burning calories. Even burning blank calories, the 3 to 4 days you exercise a week can add up over time.

3. Very Time Efficient

You can get a great workout and burn the calories in a fraction of the time.


What Is HIIT

HIIT is when you do exercises where there are high intensity burst followed by rest breaks.  An example of HIIT would be sprinting for 1 minute, then walking for 2 minutes, and then sprinting for another minute and so on. In this example the 1 minute sprint is the high intensity activity the 2 minute walking is the rest period.

The Purpose of the Rest Period

The purpose of the rest period is so you can recharge for the next high-intensity burst. If you were working out for high-intensity non-stop, the exercise would not last long.  In these rest periods, you may stop working out entirely or do a less intensive workout.


Great HIIT Exercises For Weight Loss

Almost any exercise can be turned into a high-intensity exercise by increasing the speed and pace you do it at. For example, jogging can be turned into a high-intensity exercise by picking up the pace and sprinting.

Now some notably popular HIIT exercises include.



How Music Can Help You Work Out

Listening to music can aid with working out in so many different ways.

Ways Listening To Music Can Aid Working Out

1. Music Can Be Used As an Incentive To Workout

You can limit listening to music to only when you work out as a way to incentivize yourself to workout. What you do is cut off listening to music throughout the week except for the occasions when you workout. Doing this can incentivize you to work out because you finally have the opportunity to listen to music.


2. Music Can Help With Last Minute Resistance

You can have every intention of working out, but it can be hard getting off the couch at the last minute. It can be hard getting off the couch when you’re in such a relaxed and comfortable state to get up and do something hard like working out. Rather than trying to pump yourself through self talk to get yourself off the couch and go work out, try to use music. Music can provide that transition, from you being in a relaxed state where relaxing on the couch to a pumped-up state where you’re ready to work out. When you’re on the couch, play some up-tempo music and let the music do the rest. The up-tempo music will put you in a more up-tempo state making it easier for you to get up and go work out.


3. Can Make Workout More Enjoyable

Exercising may not be a fun activity because it’s physically demanding. When you’re pushing your body, you could experience physical discomfort; you can also experience negative thoughts. You can start thinking about how hard the workout is and how tired you are. Through the physical discomfort and negative thoughts, you have to will yourself to exercise. It’s admirable to do so but can not be very enjoyable while you’re exercising.


4. Can Help You Get More Out of The Work

Music can improve your workout performance so that you get more out of the workout. As mentioned before, listening to music can put you in a happier state where you’re more into the workout.

Listening to up-tempo music can also put you in a more up-tempo state where you’re more pumped, which can improve your workout performance.


5. Can Help You Work Out Longer

Not only does music pump you up, so you work out better, but it can help you maintain tempo throughout your workout.

We have very short attention spans and may not be very long for our exercise until we’re tired of exercising and are thinking about something else. Music can keep you engaged by giving your mind engaging stimuli. This will help keep your mind in the present moment to stay focused on what you are doing and make the most out of your exercise.

How To Motivate Yourself To Work Out & How To Stay Motivated

Working out is one of the best uses of our time. It improves health, physical appearance, fitness, complements many of our other pursuits, and can improve our overall quality of life.

The dilemma with working out is that we can know all of its benefits and genuinely want to work out, however right before its time to work out, we are often in a more relaxed state, and at that moment, it can be hard coming out of that relaxed state to go exercise.

However, we must start finding ways to overcome and make the decision to exercise because when exercise, we are making an investment in your overall quality of life.

In this article we will discuss various ways to motivate yourself to exercise:


Ways To Motivate Yourself To Exercise:

1. Never Forget Your “Why”

Find constructive ways to remind yourself of your “why” that meaningful and compelling to you.


2. Make Shorter Term Goals

Break down your long-term goal into smaller, shorter-term goals.

For example, if your goal is to lose 40 pounds over the next couple of months, break that goal into smaller, shorter-term goals.

Your short term goal can be to lose 2 to 4 pounds over the next 2 weeks. Once you achieve that goals set a new short-term goal to lose another 2 to 4 pounds in another 2 weeks after that.

Breaking your long-term goals into smaller, shorter-term goals can be beneficial for 2 reasons:

1st Reason: Makes Workouts More Meaningful & Gives You A Sense of Urgency

When your workout goal is to lose 40 pounds and your deadline for reaching this goal is months away, every work out can feel like a small insignificant contribution to achieving that goal because the goal is so great and the deadline for reaching the goal is so far off in the distant future. As a result, you may lack the motivation to work out.

However, when your workout goal is smaller, and the deadline for achieving the goal is more immediate, every workout takes on more importance in achieving this goal.

For example, if your workout goals it to lose 2 to 4 pounds in 2 weeks, then every workout between now and that 2-week mark is important. You won’t want to skip working out on an assigned workout day because you have so little time to achieve your goal, and if you do skip working out on a given workout day, you may not achieve your goal.

Therefore, when your work goals are more immediate and smaller, it makes every workout more important and more meaningful.

2nd Reason: Gives You Frequent Victories

When your goal is to lose 40 pounds, it may take a long time to achieve that goal, and so it will be a long time before you get a sense of victory or achievement.

However, when your goal is small, and it’s more immediate, such as losing 2 to 4 pounds in 2 weeks when you actually achieve that your goal, it’s very empowering, and it will give you a sense of accomplishment and is also it will give you the reassurance that what you’re doing is working and that you’re doing the right thing.

This feeling of accomplishment that you will get more frequently by having shorter-term goals is important because exercising can be a sacrifice, and when you achieve these goals, it can give you a sense of reward and boost morale to keep going.


3. Only Allow Yourself To Listen To Music When You Work Out

Hold off listening to music throughout the week and only allow yourself to listen to music when you work out.  Pretty soon, you may find yourself actually looking forward to your next workout session because you finally have the opportunity to listen to the music that you love.

Listening to music can make the workout itself more enjoyable and thereby make working out easier.


4. Listen to Audio Pre Workout

Listen to music before you workout. The reason being is that before you workout, chances you will be in a more relaxed state, and it can be hard getting out of this relaxed state to go exercise.

Listening to music can be very helpful in getting you to go workout, because listening to upbeat music can take you out of your mentally relaxed state and put you in a mentally more pumped state, making it easier to go exercise.


5. Cut Down The Time It Takes To Exercise

Often, one of the biggest gripes as to why people don’t want to work out is that it is too time-consuming; if this is one of your major problems with working out, it is important to understand that there are plenty of ways you can cut down on the time that it takes to work out.

Ways To Cut Down On Workout: 

• Have Your Clothing Pre-Prepared

• Shorter Higher Intensity Workouts


6. Practice Centering Yourself

To stay motivated, you often have to ward off the thoughts, feelings, and emotions that demotivate you.


7. Recognize and Appreciate What A Great Investment of Time Exercising Is

When we exercise, we often think about all the other things that we could be doing at that time. It’s important to realize that exercise is one of the best uses of your time. Many successful people with busy schedules make the time to exercise because they realize the importance. Exercise can put your body in a state where you can live your highest quality of life because when you exercise, you tend, have more energy, tend to look better, have a more capable body. It can also help the brain, and studies show, wake up the body and get better sleep. It can help build discipline and structure in your day. Exercising can complement many things that you’re doing.

Also, exercise is go’s hand and hand with a diet. One of the two main reasons people cheat on their diet is because of stress and boredom. Exercise helps with both of those. Studies show that exercising can lower stress levels. Also, when you’re exercising, you won’t be sitting around the house getting bored. So exercise perfectly complements dieting and can help you maintain your diet.


8. Enjoy The Fruits of Your Labor

Take the time to celebrate your weight loss successes.  Don’t be modest. If you’re seeing physical improvements, take the time to look at yourself in the mirror and give appreciate and pat yourself on the back for those physical improvements.

5 Benefits Of Working Out In The Morning & Advice on How To Get Up and Work Out Consistently

If you’re not exercising in the morning, it would be a great idea to start, because they’re many unique benefits to working out in the morning that many people aren’t aware of.  

Benefits of Exercising In The Morning:


1. More Convenient

Working out in the morning can be so much more convenient than working out in the evening, as we tend to be a lot busier in the evening when we get off from work or school. There are so many activities we could be doing.

That’s why working out in the evening time can feel like such a sacrifice because there are so many other activities that we could be doing at that time of day. Working out in the morning will feel like less of a sacrifice because there aren’t many other activities that we could be doing at that time of day, so we’re not missing out on anything by exercising in the morning.


2. Easier To Be Consistent

As we just mentioned exercising in the morning is more convenient for most because there is less that can get in the way, and because there are fewer things that come up in the morning than in the evening, so it is easier to be consistent.


3. Not Hanging Over Head All Day

A lot of people cause themselves a lot of unnecessary stress by having their work out sessions at the end of the day.  You see, when your work out session is at the end of the day, you spend that entire day stressing about how you have to workout when you get off work or get out of school.  When you exercise in the morning, you get exercising out the way early in the day, so you don’t spend the entire day stressing about it.


4. The Whether is Cooler in the Morning

The weather can be pretty hot and humid in the evening depending on where you live.  Exercising in hot weather can make for a very uncomfortable work out session.  If you like working out outdoors but hate working out in the evening because it’s too hot, try working out in the morning.  Temperatures are usually cooler in the morning because the sun is not all the way up.  Often, there will be a cool breeze going making the morning time the perfect time of day to work out.


5. Exercising Serves As A Great Morning Routine

For all the reasons mentioned above, exercise serves as the perfect morning routine because a morning routine is designed to get you physically and mentally for the day. As we have shown, exercise helps you do all those things.

Working out in the morning is a great way to get your blood flowing and to wake yourself up physically and mentally so that you’re prepared for the day, and when your day starts, you can hit the ground running.

How To Work Out In The Morning


1. Workout Every Day

Work out every morning no matter what. If you start succumbing to why you shouldn’t work out each day, you will be an uphill battle, which can hurt your consistency. However, if you know that you’re not going to give in to excuses, it will be easier for you to work out every day

2. Have Structured Night-Time

A structured morning starts with a structured night.

How To Make Exercising Fun: 25 Ways To Make Exercising Fun

How come things that are good for you are always the hardest to do? Whether it’s eating vegetables or exercising, it seems like the things that are best for you are also always the hardest. Well, the thing is, every hard thing can be made to be more enjoyable, with a little bit of creativity, even exercising. Exercising can be made to be fun. Still not a believer? Well, keep on reading on, and in this article, we will go over ways to make exercising fun.


Ways To Make Exercising Fun

1. Hold Off Listening To Music Until You Exercise

Listening to music while you exercise is a great way to make exercising fun.  Cut off listening to music throughout the week, and only allow yourself to listen to music when you’re exercising. 

You may find yourself looking forward to exercising because you finally get a chance to listen to music. 

If you love listening to audiobooks for entertainment purposes, you can use audiobooks as well.  

Pretty soon, instead of dreading your next workout session, you may find yourself a little excited about it because you want to find out how the audiobook ends.


2. Make A Reward Out Of It

Rewarding yourself after you exercise can be a great way to make exercising fun.  If you like to do online shopping, you can set aside 1, 5, or 10 dollars towards that item you always wanted to purchase every time you exercise.

This is just one example of the many ways you can choose to reward yourself.  Just make sure whichever way you chose to reward yourself makes sure it’s something you will appreciate.

The point is giving yourself some kind of a reward after you exercise is a great way to make exercise something that you can be excited about doing.


3. Make an Exercise Out of Things You Like To Do Naturally

Make an exercise out of things that you like to do naturally; for example, if you like going to the mall, make an exercise out of it.

The exercise can be walking several laps around the mall (make sure you don’t get sidetracked by the urge to shop).

When you make an exercise out of things that you like to do naturally, it feels less like exercise.


4. Find a Work Out Buddy

Exercising with a workout buddy can make the mood more fun and playful when you exercise.

A good relationship to have with a workout buddy is one where you can make working out a more fun and social occasion, but at the same time, you all stay focused on pushing each other and practicing good safety measures.


5. Playing Games With Your Kids

Playing games that require you to be active with your kids, such as basketball, tag, frisbee, and soccer, can be a lot of fun. Plus, it can make for a good workout; because, as every parent already knows, kids have so much energy. Therefore, it can be a good workout just keeping up with them. Plus, it’s a great way to spend time with your kid.

This is a great option for parents who say that they don’t have time to exercise because it allows you to workout while spending time with your children.


6. Make Exercise Fun Through Dance

Dance is such a fun way to exercise and lose weight.  The reason why dance is such a fun way of exercising is that you can lose yourself in the music and forget you’re working out. 

Try to cut off listening to music throughout the week and only allow yourself to listen to it when you dance.  That will make your dance experience more enjoyable. 

You will find yourself looking forward to working out because you finally get to listen to music and dance.

When learning how to exercise through dance, it would be a good idea to purchase a highly recommended dance workout DVD. 

The dance work out DVD will show you how to dance properly and what dance moves are most effective in burning calories. 

By watching the DVD, you’ll learn how to dance in a way that is effective for creating weight loss.

Who knows, learning how bust out the dance moves may come in handy one day.


7. Join A Recreation League

Great sports to get involved in are that will make you break a sweat are a basketball league, tennis league, flag football, or soccer league to new a few.

You may be surprised what you have right in your local town. It’s a lot of fun plus you can make new friends that have similar interests. Now some people when they get off work they like to relax, watch, TV and kickback, and you may say that joining a sports league is cutting into my tv time, but you may find it more enjoyable and fulfilling. 

Now if you like to relax and watch tv you may say that joing a sports league is to time consuming and will cut into more tv time, but you may find doing and activity like this is even more fun, engaging, and fulfilling then watching 


8. Try and Activity That’ve You Have Always Been Interested In

Have you had an activity that you always wanted to try but for some reason you never got around to doing? Maybe you wanted to learn how to kickbox, salsa dance, or ballet. If you have an activity that you want to try, you have another reason to do it as it can wind up being the perfect exercise for you. You may say to yourself that this cutting into my tv time, but joining activities you love can be even more fun plus, it has been beneficial, and you’re going to get a lot more for your time. You can find classes that can teach you and train you.



Play Video Games That Require You To Be Active

There is a new genre of video games that requires you to be active or require you to act out the game’s motion. Some of these games can make for a great workout. Playing video games to workout may seem like a somewhat unorthodox way to exercise. However, you may be surprised by how much of a workout you can get with playing some of these games. You can even get one of the smartwatches that track your heart rate to see how good of a workout your getting. The best thing about using video games to workout is that you can get so lost in playing the game that you can forget that you’re exercising. Again, it may feel a little unorthodox initially, but you may find yourself coming back day after day to exercise and play the game because you’re having so much fun and want to progress to the next stage of the game.


4 Ways to Boost Energy – Have More Energy Throughout The Day

Having more energy throughout the day can change your entire day because you’re able to get the most out of it. When you have a lot of energy, you’ll be more upbeat and in a better mood.  You’ll also be more efficient at work and more engaged with your family and friends.  Ultimately, having more energy will allow you to give more throughout the day.  In this article, you’re going to learn how to have more energy so that can be at your best throughout the day.

How To Have More Energy


1. Get a Full Nights Sleep

A great day starts with a great night.  Skip watching that last tv show that always keeps you up late, because watching that last tv show is not worth you feeling sleepy and having low energy the next day.


2. Eat a Good Breakfast

If you want to begin your day with more energy, it’s important that you have a great breakfast in the morning.  It is argued that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and it’s hard to disagree with this argument.  Eating a good breakfast will give you an energy boost that can last you well into the day.  

For breakfast, you want to be eating healthy foods that will provide you plenty of energy.  Oatmeal is a perfect example of something healthy that you can eat for breakfast that will provide you plenty of energy.


3. Pass on the Coffee

Stop drinking coffee to wake yourself up in mourning.  Coffee is loaded with caffeine that will give you a quick energy spike followed by a crash.  A great alternative to coffee is green tea.  Green tea has caffeine too.  However, green tea doesn’t have as much caffeine as coffee, so green tea can give you an energy buzz without you crashing soon after.  Also, green tea has in it a substance called L-theanine which can calm you down, so won’t be bouncing off the walls like when you drink coffee.


4. Eat Healthy Foods

If you’re looking to have more energy, it’s important that you start eating healthier. Minimize your intake of junk foods that have a lot of processed sugar in them, because foods that contain a lot of processed sugar give you a quick spike followed by a dip in your energy.


5. Regularly Exercise

You will naturally have more energy throughout the day if you exercise regularly.  Exercise enhances your blood circulation which leads to the more efficient delivery of oxygen throughout the body.  When oxygen is delivered more efficiently throughout the body, the result is more energy. Exercise also causes the release of endorphins which can impprove our mood.


6. Work On Becoming More Present

Becoming  a more naturally present person will allow you to take full advantage of your energy.