How To Build Lean Muscle For Women


The Difference Between Building Bulky VS Lean Muscle

Many women want to fit and strong, but they don’t have a lot of bulky muscle.

The first thing to realize that anybody that has built bulky muscle will tell you is that building bulky muscle is not easy, and bulky muscle mass does not come by accident.

Bulky muscles mass is achieved by doing heavy lifting.  When you do heavy lifting, you are really challenging the muscles to there max, and the muscles have to develop themselves by becoming bigger and stronger.

Once your muscles become bigger and stronger, you increase the weight load that your lifting and so that you’re pushing your bigger and stronger muscles to their new max so that muscles will be forced to develop and get bigger and stronger again. You repeat this process over and over again.  Its an ongoing process, and it doesn’t happen overnight.

Lean Muscle

When you’re building lean muscle, the process is completely different. You’re not doing heavy lifting and trying to challenge your muscles to the max, so that your muscles are forced to develop and become bigger and stronger. You’re doing is light lifting. The light lifting activates the muscle without pushing them to their max. Because you’re doing light lifting, you will probably need to do more repetitions to get a workout, and this is what tones the muscles.


You get lean muscle by doing light repetitious lifting coupled with having a good diet.

To get lean muscle, you need to burn the fat on top of the muscle. While doing exercises will help burn the fat, its also good to have a good diet that has moderate calorie intake. A moderate calorie diet will also help diminish the fat on top of the muscle as well. You want your dieting and workout efforts to compliment one another.

Incorporating a lot of lean protein foods into your diet is great for achieving a lean muscular frame because protein is great for building and retaining muscle, and it weight loss friendly.n

Just to reiterate for anyone concerned that if they consume a lot of protein they are going to build bulky muscle, It doesn’t matter how many protein shakes you drink if you’re not pushing muscles to the max and forcing muscles to develop themselves by doing heavy lifting then you don’t have worry about bulky muscle.

How Meditation Can Help With Weight Loss

meditation weightloss

Meditation can be very beneficial to weight loss. As meditation is all about centering the mind, and when it comes weight loss having a centered mind can be very advantageous.

Like most pursuits, weight loss is more mental than physical, meaning we all know what to physically do lose weight we know that we need to diet and exercise, but often our own mind can thwart us from doing these activities as efficiently and consistently as we should.

Common Thoughts, Feelings, & Emotions That Undermine Weight Loss

• Uncontrolled food cravings for food outside our diets can cause us to cheat on our diets and even break our diets.

• Feelings of frustration, discouragement, impatience, and demoralize us tell we quit.

• Stress, sadness, and are negative emotions that, if left unchecked, can cause us to cheat on our diet as we will turn to food for comfort to deal with these emotions.

• Often, when we break our diets, we will feel guilt, and it turns us off to the weight loss process.

• Happiness; of course, it’s great to be happy, but sometimes we can become liberal about adhering to our diet in a happy state. So it’s important to learn about the still be discipline about your diet in our happy state.

• Thoughts of why you should skip exercising for the day.

• Boredom is not necessarily an emotion, but it is a feeling, and we will often turn to food to stimulate ourselves.

These are all thoughts emotions feelings that you may encounter, and chances are if you don’t succeed with weight loss it won’t be physical one where the exercise is too challenging it will be an emotional one.   Meditation helps you get your mind on your side so that you control your emotion and your emotions don’t control you and your actions.

What To Know When Dieting

Starting a new can be an exciting time. But there are important things that you should know if you’re starting a diet or if you’re already in a diet that will help ensure your success.

Things To Know:

1. Anticipate Your Learning Curve

Anticipate a learning curve & make the decision in advance to be patience with your learning curve
If you are starting a diet, don’t think you have to hit a hole in one where your going to start diet, not make any mistakes and just lose weight.  Understand weight loss is like anything else; when you start, you may not be that great, but the longer you do it, the better you will get at it.

2. Understand That You Have To Overhaul Your Current Diet all At Once

We often hear about these famous diets, and they give us the impression that we have to overall our diets all at once, and that’s not true.  Not to say there is anything wrong with these diet programs, but it is okay to take a baby step approach and modify your diet a little bit at a time.  You can let your diet come about naturally. For you will stumble upon different meal ideas that work for you from time to time, and you can slowly start to make an overall diet for yourself out of these meals.

3. Be Prepared For Social Occasions

You will periodically encounter social occasions or situations where you are eating out. It’s important not the let these occasions totally throw you off your weight loss game plan.


4. Start To Become More Educated On Thing That Caused Binge Eating

Emotions, boredom, social occasions can all cause you to cheat on your diet.  If you find yourself cheating on your diet, become more self-aware of what’s causing you to cheat on your diet and come up with a game plan to address the issue so that you continue to cheat on your diet.


4. Recognize The Importance of Distancing When You Eating From When You Sleep

You can have an effective diet, but if you’re not distancing when you eat from when you sleep, your diet can become ineffective at creating weight loss.

You see, when the body doesn’t need energy, it stores as fat for future use.

Sleep is the body’s most inactive state where the body needs the least amount of energy to function, and so the energy (or calories) that you get from foods that you eat right before you sleep may get stored as fat.  That’s why it’s so important to distance when you eat from when you go to sleep.

Success With Working Out leads to Success In Other Areas:

We all know the physical benefits of exercise.  However, many people are unaware of the fact that exercising can help a person reach success in achieving their career goals.   

In this article, you’re going to learn about how exercising can help you to become more successful at your job and in all areas of your life.

Ways That Exercising Will Help You Achieve Success:


1. Great way to start the day

Exercising in the morning is an awesome way to start the day.  Exercising in the morning gets your blood flowing and wakes you up not just physically but mentally.  You will become more alert and ready for the day ahead.  If you exercise in the morning, by the time you get to work or school you should feel totally awake and ready to hit the ground running.


2. Builds Confidence

When you set a weight loss goal and achieve it, it’s a very empowering feeling.  Many people that have reached their weight loss goals have noticed that they feel more confident in their ability to achieve other goals that they have set for themselves.  These people that have reached their weight loss goals are usually more optimistic about being able to achieve their career goals, and as a result, they pursue their career goals with a renewed vigor.


3. Builds Will Power

Exercising is an activity that takes willpower to do consistently.  When you exercise every day, you’re building your willpower, and you’re making yourself a naturally more disciplined person.  This increased willpower and discipline that you get from exercising can help you in many other areas of your life.  A significant number of people have noticed ever since they started exercising they have become more productive at their job because they now have the willpower to do extra tasks at work that they didn’t have the willpower to do in the past.


4. Stress Reliever

If you find yourself always stressing about your job, try exercising in the morning.  Exercising releases chemicals, called endorphins, which relieve stress and put you in a great mood.  If you exercise in the morning, you should find yourself going to work less stressed out and in a better mood which will lead to you having a more productive day at work.


5. More Energy

Exercising triggers your body to release more energy.  Therefore, if you exercise regularly, you will naturally have more energy. The extra energy that you get from consistently working out will allow you to be more productive at your job.


How to Pump Yourself Up and Motivate Yourself To Work Out

workout exercise motivated motivation

When its time to exercise, our minds can be your own worst enemy.  Often, when we’re about exercise, we experience last minute resistance, where we start making excuses for ourselves about why we shouldn’t work out.  Many times we will convince ourselves not to work out with these last-minute excuses.  Then we’ll hate ourselves for not working out later.  In this article, you’ll learn ways to get rid of last-minute excuses so that you can adhere to your work out regime more consistently.


Ways To Get Rid Of Last Minute Excuses:


Listen Audio:


Start listening upbeat music 15 minutes to an hour before its time for you to work out, and keep listening to the music right up until the time you work out.  You see, right before its time for you to work out, you will have a mental debate in your head of whether you should work out or not.  There will be little voice in your head that will give you every excuse for why you shouldn’t work out that day. 


When you listen to upbeat music, you silence that little voice in your head and replace it with music that will get you pumped up to work out.  Listening to music right before you workout will dramatically increase your chances of working out.


If you work out in the morning, I recommend listening to music as soon as you wake up.  Getting out your comfortable bed to go exercise requires a lot of willpower.  That little voice in your head will give you every excuse for why you shouldn’t work out. 


The voice will tell you that you’re too tired to work out, that it’s too early in the morning to be working out, and many other excuses.  By listening to music as soon as you wake up, you drown that little voice out before the little voice even has a chance to start making excuses.


Give Yourself Chores When You Don’t Work Out


As I mentioned earlier, right before its time for you to work out, you’ll have a mental debate in your head of whether you should work out or not.  Sometimes when you’re debating whether to work out or not, you will make the undisciplined and wrong decision not to work out.  However, what makes it even worse is when you decide not to work out, you decide to do something fun instead like watch tv or eat a snack. Stop doing this. 


Any day that you decide not to work out do some chore instead.  You should clean around the house, do the laundry, or do some other task.  If you know the days that you decide not to work out that you’ll do a chore in its place, you will tend to work out more, because the alternative is not that much more appealing.


Healthy Foods That Make You Feel Full

When you’re on a diet, it’s very important that you plan and prepare for hunger attacks.  A hunger attack is where you all of a sudden start feeling really hungry.  It’s important that you have healthy filling foods to turn to so that you can zap your hunger attacks as quickly as possible.  You see, the longer you stay hungry, the less discipline you’ll become and the more likely you are to cheat on your diet and eat some food you’re not supposed to, which is why it’s important to deal with hunger attacks right away.  In this article, we’re going to teach you about healthy foods that are quick and easy to prepare that you can eat to get rid of hunger attacks.


Bananas are an excellent food to turn to when you experience sudden hunger attacks.  Bananas allow you to deal with hunger attacks right away as they require no preparation.  All you have to do is just peel open the banana and eat. 

Bananas are easy to consume because of their sweet and fruity taste.  Bananas are also very filling because they are loaded with fiber.  Eating one to three bananas should quash any hunger attack.  The really great thing about bananas is that they can fill you up at very little caloric expense as the average banana only has a little over 100 calories.


Nuts are another great food that you can turn to when you experience a hunger attack.  Nuts are packed with protein and fiber, which makes them very filling.  Not only do nuts give you a sense of fullness when you eat them, but nuts are also a great source of energy as well.  Therefore, eating nuts will get rid of your hunger attack and give you an energy boost at the same time.


Apples are a quick and easy to consume fruit that you can turn to when you experience hunger attacks.  The high water content and fiber in apples make this fruit very filling when eaten.


Eating oatmeal is great for combating hunger attacks.  Oatmeal is very quick and easy to prepare.  Oatmeal will allow you to deal with hunger attacks before they occur.  When you eat oatmeal for breakfast, you shouldn’t experience any hunger attacks in the early part of the day, because eating oatmeal in the morning will keep you full and satisfied for hours.  The reason why eating oatmeal will keep you full for long periods of time is oatmeal contains complex carbohydrates.  Your body takes longer to digest complex carbohydrates leaving you feeling fuller longer.

You Want to Make Losing Weight a Source of Good Emotions Not Bad

Be Patient With Yourself In The Beginning


If you’re trying to lose weight for the first time, it’s important to be patient with yourself.  You want to be patient with yourself because when you’re at the beginning of your weight loss journey, you’re going to struggle and make a lot of beginner mistakes.  For example, when you start your weight loss journey, and you’re trying to diet for the first time, you are going to struggle with food cravings.


A couple of days into your new diet you’re going to start missing all the foods you used to eat before you started your diet. Since you’re new to dieting and lack experience, you’ll probably have trouble dealing with these food cravings.


There will be some occasions where you’ll be able to resist giving into your cravings, and then there will be other occasions where you give in to your food cravings and cheat on your new diet. 


It’s very important that when you’re at the beginning of your weight loss journey and you make mistakes, like giving in to your food cravings, that you are patient with yourself.  The problem is that many people aren’t.


Many people that are trying to lose weight for the first time are too critical of themselves early on, and they allow every little beginner mistake that they make upset and discourage them. 


It’s Okay To Make Mistakes


What these people don’t realize is that it’s quite normal to make mistakes when you’re trying to lose weight for the first time, and when they beat themselves up over every beginner mistake, they are increasing the likelihood that they will one day quit trying to achieve their weight loss goals.  You see, weight loss is supposed to be an uplifting process that makes you feel good about yourself because you’re losing weight and improving yourself. 


When it’s a process that makes you feel good, you’ll be motivated to stick with it.  However, if you’re constantly tearing yourself down over every mistake you make, weight loss can become a process that makes you feel negative and frequently upset.


People don’t like to do things that make them upset, so when weight loss becomes a process that frequently makes you feel upset, you are very likely to quit.  That is why you don’t want to beat yourself up over every mistake.  Thus, when you’re at the beginning of your weight loss journey it’s important that you be patient with yourself, and focus on what you do right and not what you do wrong.  For example, as previously mentioned, when you start your first diet you will probably struggle with food cravings and cheat on your new diet a lot. 


Instead of focusing on the days when you cheat on your new diet, learn focus on the days that you adhere to your new diet correctly.  Take the time to be proud of yourself, and pat yourself on the back on those occasions when you diet correctly.


When you focus on what you do right and not what you do wrong, you’re making your weight loss process a positive thing that makes you feel good.  Since losing weight is a process that makes you feel good, you will be motivated to continue to try to lose weight, and you will stick with your diet.


You Will Eventually Learn How To Overcome Beginner Mistakes


If you stick with dieting long enough, you will get to the point where you start to gain knowledge and experience.  Eventually, you should acquire enough knowledge to where you’re able to stop yourself from making many of your beginner mistakes.  For example, if you stick with dieting long enough, you will start to become knowledgeable of tasty foods that are healthy alternatives to the unhealthy foods you’ve been craving. 


As you start incorporating these healthy alternative foods into your diet, you will be able to resist cravings for unhealthy foods better and will make mistakes like cheating on your diet less.


The longer you stick with dieting, the more experienced you’ll become and the fewer mistakes you’ll make. As become more and more experienced and make fewer and fewer mistakes, you will start to gain confidence.


Once you reach the point where you are confident and feel like you know what you’re doing, there will be no stopping you. You should undoubtedly be able to achieve your weight loss goals. However, you won’t get to this point if allow beginner mistakes to overly upset you and cause you to quit early on.


The Importance of Having a Morning Routine When Trying To Lose Weight

If you’re trying to lose weight, it is so important that you have a great morning routine.  You see, often our mood can affect our ability to diet and exercise.  When we’re in a great mood, we find it easy to diet and exercise, because we’re upbeat and have energy.  However, when we’re in not such a great mood, we can find it difficult to diet and exercise, because we just don’t feel like doing these activities.

The problem is that we can’t control how we wake up feeling.  Some days we may wake up feeling on top of the world.  Other days we may wake up in a bad mood.  The days that we wake up in a bad mood, we will struggle with exercising and dieting, unless we can do something in the morning that can turn our mood around. 

That’s what a morning routine does.  It improves your mood in the morning, even if you initially woke up on the wrong side of the bed.  Having a morning routine that improves your mood, ensures you are in the best emotional state which will make dieting and exercising that day easier to do.

Now that we understand the importance of having a morning routine let’s talk about activities that you can make a part of your morning routine.

Activities That You Can Make A Part Of Your Morning Routine:

1. Listen To Upbeat Music

Listening to upbeat music is an excellent activity that you can make apart of your morning routine.  Listening to upbeat music will give you an emotional boost.  It’s the perfect activity to do in the morning to make sure you start the day in a great mood.

2. Morning Exercise

Exercising is another awesome activity that you can make a part of your morning routine.  A morning workout will wake you up mentally and physically making you ready for the day ahead.  When you do a morning exercise at home, you will start each day in a better mood and less stressed out, because exercise causes the release of endorphins. Endorphins are a chemical that improves mood and relieves stress.

3. Work on a Project

If you’re working on any sort of a project, the morning can be one the best times to work on it, and it would be a great idea to make working your project a part of your morning routine.  The reason being is that your mind is the clearest in the morning after being rejuvenated from hours of rest.  Many people do their best work in the morning.  The mornings where you make progress on your project, you will get a sense of accomplishment which is an awesome feeling to start the day with.

4, Eat a Healthy Breakfast

Eating a great breakfast should definitely be apart of your morning routine.  Eating a healthy nutritious breakfast can give you an energy boost that can last you well into the day.  The energy boost that you get from eating a good breakfast should improve your mood because when you have more energy, you’ll usually be more upbeat.

How Having a Great Morning Routine Will Impact Weight Loss:

Exercising, working on a project, and listening to upbeat music are just a couple of examples of activities that you can make a part of your morning routine.  They’re many other activities that you can incorporate into your morning routine.  You just want to make sure that the activities that you make part of your morning routine do the job of putting you in a fantastic mood in the morning.

If you create a great morning routine for yourself, the morning routine that you’ve created will help you with everything you’re trying to do.  If your trying to lose weight having a great morning routine will significantly benefit you.  You will start each day in a better mood and with more energy which will dramatically increase your chances of working out that day.

You also will become more optimistic about being able to achieve your weight loss goals if you have a great morning routine.  You see, having a morning routine will make you more upbeat as previously mentioned.  This upbeat feeling that you get from having a morning routine can be very beneficial when you’re trying to lose weight because when you’re upbeat and positive, you’ll be more optimistic about being able to achieve your weight loss goals.

How Mindset Affects Weight Loss

Mindset is one of the most unaddressed and unappreciated topics when it comes to weight loss.

When trying to lose weight the focus is usually exclusively on how to diet and how to exercise, but there is rarely ever a focus on developing the right mindset. 

This neglect of developing the right mindset when it comes to weight loss is quite unfortunate. 

You see, when you’re trying to lose weight, your mind can often be your own worst enemy, because when you’re on your weight loss journey, you’ll find yourself having thoughts that are counterproductive to you achieving your weight loss goals. 

These self-defeating thoughts can be doubts about being able to lose weight, feelings of not wanting working out, cravings for foods that go against your diet, and etc.

Counterproductive thoughts like these unchecked can lead to counterproductive actions.  For example, if you’re constantly experiencing counterproductive thoughts about foods you crave, you’re very likely to cheat on your diet and indulge in your food cravings. 

It’s important to understand that you will undoubtedly encounter counterproductive thoughts on your weight loss journey, so it is vital that you know how to deal with them.


How To Deal With Counterproductive Thoughts

To deal with counterproductive thoughts, you must first learn how to control your thoughts in general.  You see, most people have little to no control of their thoughts.  Which means they don’t have the ability to pick and choose what thoughts they think about and what thoughts they don’t.  If a thought pops into their head, the person is unable to stop themselves from thinking about it.

This lack of control of your thoughts can be detrimental when you’re trying to lose weight because as we have already discussed when trying to lose weight, you will encounter many counterproductive thoughts.


How Do We Gain More Control of Our Thoughts?

To gain more control of your thoughts you want to learn how to be more present.  If you learn how to become naturally more present, you will have a lot more control over your thoughts and will be able to cut off thoughts that are counterproductive to you achieving your weight loss goals.

To be present means that your attention is focused on one thing and it doesn’t waiver and that one thing that your attention is focused on is the present moment.

People who are naturally present are usually focused on the present moment.  Now if a thought pops into their head, they can choose to temporarily take their attention off the present moment and focus on the thought, but they’re making a choice to focus on that thought.  They have control over what thoughts they choose to give attention to and what thoughts they don’t.

If a beneficial thought, like a good idea or epiphany, pops into their brain, they can choose to give that thought a lot of attention.  If a negative thought pops into their brain, they can choose not to give that thought any attention and keep their attention focused on the current moment.  

When they don’t give the negative thought any attention, the negative thought goes away.  That is why people who are very present have such an advantage with weight loss.  You see, if they encounter a thought that is counterproductive to them achieving their weight loss goals, they can choose not to pay any attention to that thought and keep their attention focused on the present moment and the counterproductive thought goes away.


How To Train Your Mind To Be More Present

Now that you understand that having a more present state of mind can help with weight loss, it’s important that you know how to train yourself to be more present.

To train yourself to become more present you want always to try your best to be in the moment.  Whatever task you’re doing, give yourself to that task completely.  For example, when you’re at work, totally be at work completely.  Don’t allow your mind to drift and start thinking about things outside of work.  Just focus on the task at hand.

When you don’t allow yourself to think of anything except what you’re doing at that moment, you’re training your mind to be naturally more present.  As your mind becomes more and more present, your attention will become more and more naturally focused on the current moment.

It will be harder for thoughts to take your attention off the present moment unless you make a conscious choice to take your attention off the present moment so that you can give attention to that thought.

You will be able to decide what thoughts get your attention and what thoughts don’t.  When a thought that is counterproductive to you achieving weight loss pops into your head, you will be able to choose not to give that thought any attention and keep your focus on the present.  By not giving that counterproductive thought any attention the thought will go away and have little effect on you.


Best Anti Aging Foods

Anti Aging Foods


Everyone wants to look and feel younger.  Well, our diets play a big part in how young we look and feel.  In this article, you’re going to learn about some of the best foods you can eat to combat aging.  Eating these foods will keep you looking and feeling younger longer.




Blueberries are an excellent food to eat to combat aging.  Blueberries contain a flavonoid called anthocyanin. Anthocyanin is known to slow down the rate of mental decline caused by aging.  Consuming blueberries will help you maintain good memory and will keep you mentally sharp well into old age.


Green Tea


Regularly drinking green tea can help slow down the aging process.  Green tea contains many types of antioxidants that fight off free radicals.  Catechins are just one of the many types of antioxidants found in green tea.  Catechins have been shown to protect your skin from UV exposure.  UV exposure is one of the major contributors of wrinkles, so by drinking green tea, you are helping to prevent wrinkles from forming.




Avocados are an excellent anti-aging food.  Avocados contain monosaturated fats.  Monosaturated fats help your skin cells maintain moisture thereby keeping your skin healthy and youthful looking.


Green Leafy Vegetables


Making green leafy vegetables a big part of your diet will dramatically slow down the aging process.  Green leafy vegetables are an abundant source of many vitamins that combat aging.  Green leafy vegetables contain vitamins A, C, and E.  All of these vitamins have been shown to be beneficial to the skin.  Eating plenty of green leafy vegetables will protect and improve the quality of your skin.




Regularly eating salmon will help fight off signs of aging.  Salmon is packed with omega 3 fatty acids which are great for the skin.  Omega 3 fatty acids have been shown to boost the collagen content in the skin.  Collagen is a protein that allows the skin to maintain its elasticity and keeps skin firm and free of wrinkles.


Not only will eating salmon help you maintain the collagen content in your skin, but it will also help prevent the deterioration of collagen and cartilage in your joints, which will allow you to stay mobile and be free of joint pain well into old age.




Oranges are another great food for anti-aging because oranges are high in vitamin c.  We all know that consuming plenty of vitamin c boost the immune system, but many people don’t know that vitamin c also contributes to the development of collagen in our skin.  As we mentioned earlier, collagen helps to keep our skin firm and helps prevent wrinkles from forming.