Are Apples Good For Weight Loss

Apples can be great for weight loss because apples are filling and are low in calories. 

It’s important to understand that to achieve weight loss, one has to be taking in fewer calories relative to what they’re burning, and making like apples that are filling to eat and moderate in calories apart of your diet can help you achieve that goal.

The reason why apples are so great for weight loss is that they are very filling, yet they have very few calories. Eating one or two apples can fill you up, and a medium apple contains only about 95 calories.


How Are Apples Able To Be So Filling Yet Be So Low In Calories?

There are several reasons why apples are able to be so filling and yet low in calories.  In this sections we will list the reasons.

High Water Concentration

One of the main reasons apples are so filling but yet are so low in calories is because of their water concentration. As water has no calories and is filling to consume. Therefore, foods with a huge water concentration tend to be low in calories and filling to consume.

Apples are made up of percent water.


High Fiber Content

As you may already no calories are units of energy.

It’s hard for the body to break down fiber and extract energy. Fiber passes through the body largely intact, and fiber has almost no calories and fiber is filling when it’s in your system. Therefore foods that have fiber contents tend to be very filling and lower in calories and great for weight loss.


Contents That Contain Calories Are Found In Small Amounts

Not all contents found in apples have no or almost no calories, like fiber and water content found in apples.  Apples also have sugar, which has contents. But these contents that have calories are found in very small amounts, quantities, or grams.



Apple’s potential to be great for weight loss is not just theoretical. There are many studies that show a link between apples and various contents found in apples and weight loss.

Research has revealed a possible association between better weight management and fiber (1)(2)(3).



-This study show fiber, which, as been mentioned before, is a content found in apples, is great for weight loss.

Apples have the potential to be great for weight loss because they can fill you up at very little calorie expense. There are studies that show a link between apple consumption and weight loss.


Not A Sure Thing

Earlier it was explained that apples are very filling and low calories making them great for weight loss.

Now although apples are a weight loss-friendly food, that doesn’t guarantee if you eat apples, you’re going to weight loss because weight loss doesn’t come down to if you’re eating one food or not. It comes down to the combined calorie intake of all the foods you eat. If the calorie intake of the foods you eat is less than what your body burns, then you will experience weight loss.