Are Cherries Good for Weight Loss?

cherries weight loss

Cherries can be very beneficial for weight loss.

How Can Cherries Help with Weight Loss?

Cherries can be eaten by themselves but are often eaten with other foods.

Cherries can make meals that they are incorporated into more filling out adding a lot of calories to the meal if cherries are incorporated into the meals with moderation.

Great Way to Satisfy Sweet Tooth

Cherries are often incorporated into desert style meals or meals that are designed to satisfy one’s sweet tooth.

Sweet foods can be very problematic when trying to lose weight. As there are so many sweet foods options that are not healthy and not weight loss friendly. Often times people have cravings for these unhealthier food options.

Cherries can aid as they can complement many healthier sweet foods options giving taste to these sweet food options and they can also make these sweet foods options more filling while not dramatically increasing the number of calories. For example, cherries can be added to yogurt. Yogurt is a popular food that can aid with weight loss that cherries can compliment.

One of the main reasons why cherries have the potential to be an asset in someone’s weight loss diet. Is that cherries are comprised of water content. A significant amount of a cherry’s weight comes from its water content.

Cherry’s water content help make cherry’s weight loss friendly, because water has absolutely 0 calories. Water can also do a great job of filling up our digestive system which makes water weight loss friendly. Therefore, foods that have a lot of water content also tend to be weight loss friendly. Cherries have a significant amount of water content.

Another characteristic of cherries that make them great for weight loss is that they don’t have sugar in excessive amounts.

Sugar often gets a bad reputation as being not so great for weight loss. However, the sugar found in cherries is natural sugar not processed sugar. Also, the sugar is not found in excessive amounts in cherries to where it would make cherries fattening. Therefore, cherries are able to satisfy one’s sweet tooth without being fattening.

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