Are Oranges Good For Weight Loss?

oranges weight loss

Oranges can be great for weight loss.  Oranges can be great for weight loss because they can suppress hunger at little calorie expense. A medium size banana is only around 60 calories and can be very filling to eat.

Weight loss is all about keeping calorie intake down so that are person is consuming less calories than they burn.

Therefore, adding low calorie filling foods like oranges to one’s diet is an effective way to help keep calorie intake down.

Oranges be a food that is effective at suppressing appetite but at the same time is low in calories has alot to do with its fiber content.

Oranges fiber content also plays a part in oranges being a low-calorie density and weight loss friendly food. 

Fiber is a complex carb that is hard for the body to break down and extract energy out of. Therefore, when you consume fiber, it can fill one up at almost no calorie expense.

A medium sized orange contains about 3 grams of fiber.

Oranges high water concentration also plays a big part in oranges being great a suppressing appetite while at the same time being low in calories.

A food’s water content adds weight to the food and makes the food more filling without adding any calories to that food as water has no calories.

 Oranges are made up of 86% to 88% water.



Weight Loss Friendly Way to Satisfy Sweet Tooth

Sugar cravings can be a problem when trying to lose weight.  When it comes to looking for a food that can satisfy your sweet tooth when trying to lose weight it can be difficult. 

Many sweet tasting foods are not weight loss friendly and or not healthy.  Oranges can be a weight loss friendly and healthy option to satisfy one’s sweet tooth.  Oranges have a tropical sweet flavor and are very delicious to eat.



When on a weight loss diet another important thing to consider besides whether a food is weight loss friendly or not is also is it nutritious.

Oranges are very nutritious. Incorporating oranges into your weight loss diet will help ensure you are getting proper nutrition.

There are many other fruits as well that are weight loss friendly and that are great for weight loss.

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