Can Fruit Make You Lose Weight

There are a variety of fruits that have the potential to be great for weight loss.

Fruits that are great for weight loss, in general, have similar characteristics.

These fruits tend to have a high concentration of water content, which is important because water is filling and has no calories. Therefore, fruits with a high water concentration in general also tend to be filling and low in calories.

These weight loss friendly fruits also also great weight loss because of their fiber content.

Fiber is great for weight loss, as fiber is filling and fiber has very little calories because it is hard for the body to break down fiber, so fiber travels through the body largely intact, filling you up in the process at little calorie expense.

Also, the caloric content that is found in these fruits is found in minimal amounts.

Now there are those fruits that you have to be a little mindful of how you fit into your weight-loss diets, but in general, fruits are great for weight loss. Some of the stand out fruits include:

Top Fruits For Weight Loss

1. Grape Fruit

Grapefruits are one of the most weight loss-friendly foods you can eat as they can completely fill up and are at 76 calories (ib).  Grapefruit has a high water concentration even for fruits, so they are so juicy when you eat them (ib).

2. Apples

Apples are very filling and low in calories. Apples are another fruit that is one of the best at filling you up at little calorie expense. As one to two apples can fill you up or can fill an average person up, and a medium apple is only blank calories.

3. Bananas

Bananas can be a great food for weight loss. In general, often times the reason why fruits are great for weight loss is that they are high in water and fiber, and the content that can contribute to weight loss, like sugar, is found in small amounts. The average medium size banana contains about 105 calories. Bananas sometimes get a bad rep because of their sugar content, but it is important to understand that all fruits have sugar content. Now although there are other fruits that are more filling and have calories doesn’t’ mean they are not weight loss friendly.

4. Pears 

Pears are also another weight loss friendly fruit that can be incorporated into a weight loss diet.

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