Changing Your Mindset For Weight Loss

Weight loss is not just about changing physically; it’s about changing mentally as well. You’re not going to go from someone who struggles to maintain a diet and exercise regime for more than a couple of weeks to an experienced dieter, someone who can lose weight and keep it off without there being some lessons learned and mental growth.

Important Mental Shifts For Weight Loss Success:

1. Start Asking Why

Whenever you have occasions when you cheat on your diet, don’t just kick yourself and then get back to dieting. Ask yourself why. Because if you don’t address these things, they are going to coming keep up.

It’s also a good idea to ask why when reflecting on why a diet hadn’t worked out in the past.


2. Realize Diets Don’t Have To Be Horrible Thing

Realize you can still eat the foods that you like and still lose weight. However, often, you have to eat these foods in smaller portions to lower the food’s calorie intake. To fill the hunger void of eating less of the food that you like, eat a healthy side such as a fruit or a vegetable. The fruit or vegetable will not just make your meals more nutritious, but they will make your meals more filling without adding a whole lot more calories.

Having a diet where your meals consist of food that you like and healthy sides is a diet that is tasting and filling, and this a diet that you can sustain.

The point is you never have to go without a meal without at least not eating something you like. Now sometimes it is good to cut a food out of your diet or modify it for health reasons.


3. Stop Focusing on Getting Quick ResultsĀ 

Stop focusing on getting quick results and start focusing on developing long-term consistency.

Often people focus on getting quick results that make them feel good instead of long-term, meaningful weight loss.