Getting Physical Exercise is a Healthy Way to Combat Stress

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It’s important to understand that getting physical exercise is a healthy way to combat stress.

When you’re stressed-out exercise may the last thing you want to because you have other things on your mind.

Maybe what’s on your mind is trouble at work, a relationship problem, or some other negative event, and they just quit exercising.  They quit exercising because they find the problem that they’re dealing with too upsetting, and they don’t feel like doing burdensome activities like exercising. 

However, what these people don’t realize is that exercising is one of the best activities that they can do when they’re going through a tough time.

In this article, you’re going to learn why it’s important to maintain your exercise regime when you’re going through hard times, and how maintaining your exercise regime will help you get through those hard times.


How Exercising Helps You Deal with Stress

1. Relieves Stress by Releasing Endorphins

Another reason why exercising is the perfect activity to do when you encounter a problem is exercising is a great stress reliever. 

Exercising triggers the release of endorphins.  Endorphins improve your mood and calm you down when you’re stressed out.  That’s why you want to continue to exercise consistently when you’re going through a tough time, and you’re stressed out because exercising will make you feel less stressed. 

Once you’re in a calm state, you will be much more effective at resolving a problem, then when you were in your stressed and emotional state.


2. Takes Your Mind Off the Problem / Great for Anxiety/Gives Outlet for Nervous Energy

The worst thing you can do when a problem occurs is dwell on it because dwelling on the problem will only make you more upset.  Instead of dwelling on the problem you, want to do a constructive activity that will take your mind off the problem.

Exercising is the perfect activity to do to take your mind off the negative situation.  Working out will keep you going so you’re not sitting around dwelling on the problem.

If have anxiety in general, having a regular exercise routine can help.  Sometimes we can make poor decisions because we are in an emotional less objective state.


3. Exercising Gives You a Sense of Improvement

When you’re exercising, you’re improving yourself; you’re becoming more fit and healthier, which is why it’s important to maintain your exercise regime when you’re going through hard times.  You see, when you’re going through hard times, you can sometimes feel like you’re in a rut. 

Exercising is a great reminder that even though you might be having a problem or minor setback in one area of your life, you are improving in other areas of your life.  This helps put things into context and into perspective.  Exercise keeps you moving and keeps you going.


4. It will Help You Deal with The Stressful Situation Better

When you look at all the benefits that exercising when you’re going through a stressful situation provides, it all adds up to you will be be able to handle the stressful situation better.

When it does come time to do something the problem you will usually be less stressed and will be able to handle the situation better.



Day to day challenges is an unavoidable part of life, and they’re not going to stop happening when you start trying to lose weight.  You need to understand and anticipate that you will run into random life challenges when you’re on your weight loss journey.  These challenges could be issues at work, relationship problems, or random life events. 

It’s important that you make a mental decision in advance that when these challenges do come up, you are going to stick to your exercise regime.  Sticking to your exercise regime during hard times will allow you to achieve weight loss and will help you get over the problem.