Happiness Effect On Weight Loss

Although losing weight won’t inevitably make you happy, being happy from the beginning may help with weight loss.

There are a variety of reasons why being happy can help with weight loss.

Why Being Happy Can Be Helpful To Weight Loss:

1. May Be Easier To Cut Certain Foods Out of Our Diet

We often think that we desire foods for taste alone, but we also desire foods for the dopamine boost that they can give. When you’re in a naturally happier state, it can be easier to pass up on these foods and cut these foods out of your diet because you’re already in a heightened state.


2. Makes You Less Likely To Cheat on Your Diet Because of Being In a Bad Mood

Occasions when you’re feeling down can cause you to cheat on your diet, because when you’re feeling down, you may turn to food for a pick-me up. Now, if you’re naturally in a happy state, you should have fewer occasions where you are feeling down. Therefore, you should be less likely to cheat on your diet because of having a bad mood.


3. Takes Pressure Off Weight Loss

When you’re unhappy, and you’re also overweight, it can feel like losing weight will solve all your problems. So there can be so much more pressure put on weight loss, so every time you cheat on your diet or have set back, it can be that much more upsetting because you have so much riding on weight loss lot of emotional eating can occur as a result. The thing is, you want to take the emotion and focus off of weight loss. That is why it’s beneficial to be happy because you won’t put so much pressure on weight loss.


4. Keeps You In Good Spirits While Going Through Learning Curve

Weight loss is all about finding a system that works for you, and a lot of that system can develop through trial and error. Being naturally happy can keep you in upbeat spirits while you’re going through the learning curve phase of weight loss.


Tips On How To Build Happiness


1. Learn To Live In The Moment



2. Do Things That You Are Passionate About and or That Give You  Sense of Progress

Work on things that you’re passionate about.  When you make progress on these things you are working on, it can give you a real sense of joy.

For example, if your passion is writing and you’re working on a book, nothing beats adding a couple more paragraphs or pages of good content to that book.


3. Surround Yourself With Positive Uplifting People

Surrounding yourself with positive, uplifting people who genuinely want the best for you is a great way to a good peace of mind.


4. Shift Your Focus

Often, happiness comes down to shifting your focus from things that you don’t have that you think will make you happy to what you do you have because chances are you have a lot to be grateful for.