How Do I Stop Yo Yo Diet?

Losing weight can be frustrating because you can be on a roll where you’re losing weight, and then all of a sudden you hit a rough patch, and then you will gain the weight back, and then you lose weight again and then gain it back and your just yoyoing.

If you have experienced this, it’s important to realize that you have to make changes.  The change is not to diet and start exercising again because eventually, you’re going to hit another rough patch.

1 Recognize The Cycle

One of the reasons people get trapped in the yo-yo diet cycle is because they fail to see the cycle or the pattern. Every time they cheat on their diet, they treat it like an isolated event instead of looking big picture and asking themselves there is a pattern.

For example, if there is a diet and they slip and cheat on their diet, they will just sleep a slip-up and go right back to dieting. This failure to see that there is a pattern can be quite problematic because their weight loss shorted a sighted response to a long-term problem

When people often cheat on their diet, they kick themselves for not having the willpower and go back to dieting again. Now it very important when you cheat on your diet not to give up and keep going. It’s also important when you cheat your diet to ask yourself if this occasion when you cheated on your diet in an isolated event or have done this before.

Because this lack of recognition that there is a pattern hinders them because once you recognize a pattern, you realize that the answer is not just to start dieting again.


2. Find Out The Why

Once you identify they cycle you need to ask “why” you have this cycle. “Why” are you cheating on your diet.

Keep in mind that there may be more than one reason why you cheat on your diet.  Click here to find common reasons why.


3. Set Up A Game Plan

Once you find out why you cheat on your diet set up a game plan of how you will deal with that why in the future.