Meditation for Weight Loss: Benefits & How To

How our minds can affect our ability to lose weight is one of the most overlooked aspects of weight-loss.  Because often, our own thinking can be our biggest detriment to losing weight

With weight loss, we are always taught what to do physically. For example, we are taught how to exercise and eat, but we are not taught what to do mentally.  We’re never taught how to develop the right thinking and mindset for weight loss.

When we’re trying to exercise or diet, there are so many thoughts, emotions, ideas, opinions, and feelings that pop up in our heads that can prevent or demotivate us from exercising or dieting.

Meditation is great because it keeps your mind sharp, focused, and objective and makes you less impulsive. Because when you’re mind is impulsive, it’s less disciplined, and you’re likely to feed into and give in to these thoughts feels and emotions that stop weight .loss.

Meditation’s ability to good for the mind has been certified by science.

Meditation can be very beneficial to weight loss. As meditation is all about centering the mind, and when it comes weight loss having a centered mind can be very advantageous.

Like most pursuits, weight loss is more mental than physical, meaning we all know what to physically do lose weight we know that we need to diet and exercise, but often our own mind can thwart us from doing these activities as efficiently and consistently as we should.

Common Thoughts, Feelings, & Emotions That Undermine Weight Loss

• Uncontrolled food cravings for food outside our diets can cause us to cheat on our diets and even break our diets.

• Feelings of frustration, discouragement, impatience, and demoralize us tell we quit.

• Stress, sadness, and are negative emotions that, if left unchecked, can cause us to cheat on our diet as we will turn to food for comfort to deal with these emotions.

• Often, when we break our diets, we will feel guilt, and it turns us off to the weight loss process.

• Happiness; of course, it’s great to be happy, but sometimes we can become liberal about adhering to our diet in a happy state. So it’s important to learn about the still be discipline about your diet in our happy state.

• Thoughts of why you should skip exercising for the day.

• Boredom is not necessarily an emotion, but it is a feeling, and we will often turn to food to stimulate ourselves.

These are all thoughts emotions feelings that you may encounter, and chances are if you don’t succeed with weight loss it won’t be physical one where the exercise is too challenging it will be an emotional one.   Meditation helps you get your mind on your side so that you control your emotion and your emotions don’t control you and your actions.

Studies have shown how meditation can lead to a reduction in binge eating and emotional eating (1)(2).