How To Stay Motivated To Lose Weight

Have you noticed that when you start your weight loss journey, you’re extremely motivated? This is because you’re just starting out, and you’re really excited.

This is because you’re excited, however what happens is that yot you realize that you’re not going to lose weight and that honey moon period excitement wears off, and then you become less motivated.

When this happens you’re less eager to make the dieting and exercising sacrifices to to lose weight.

That is why its so important to learn how to rekindle that excitement and motivation and stay motivated.


How To Keep Motivated

1. Give Yourself Short Term Victories

One of the reason the excitement wears off is because you realize the pace that you’re losing weight and you realize your goal, and you realize the time it takes you achieving your goal is very far away and that is why it’s good to give yourself shorter term smaller goals.

1. Create A Reasonable Diet

You will be fired up when you first make the decision to lose weight, but that fire will cool down a bit. You want to have a reasonable diet that you can maintain even when that fire cools down.  This is why its important to take on a diet that is extreme because as the weight loss honey moon period ends you may not be able to maintain your overly strict diet.


3. Visualize The Benefits of Achieving Your Weight Loss Goals

Find ways to remind yourself of your why that is uplifting, positive, and motivating. If you’re able visual some of the benefits of achieving your weight loss goals it can be very motivating and encouraging, and can inspire to keep going on your weight loss journey. That is why its good to periodically visualize the benefits of achieving your weight loss goals.


2. Create A Reasonable Work Out Regime

It’s also important to create a workout schedule that you can maintain long-term because similar to dieting, you may become not as excited about losing weight as you were when you first started, and you need a workout regime that you can maintain even when you’re in a less excited state.




4. Create Structure

Understand weight loss is about creating structure and consistency.  Whenever something happens that throws you off your routine try to learn from it so that it doesn’t happen again in the future.


5. Give Yourself More Immediate Gratification

It can easy to lose motivation when you have weight loss goals that are in the distant future. Each exercise that you do seems a small drop in the bucket from achieving that far-off future goal.


6. Learn From Your Mistakes

Part of staying motivated is stopping the things the demotivate you are that take the winds out of your sails, which are setbacks. When you experience a setback, your morale can take a blow; that’s why it’s important to learn from setbacks.