Is Chicken Good for Weight Loss?

chicken weight loss

Chicken can help with weight loss if incorporated into a diet correctly. One of the main reasons that chicken is great for weight loss is due to its high protein content.

Protein is great for weight loss because it can fill you up at a moderate calorie expense. Therefore, foods that have a high protein concentration tends to be able to fill one up at minimal calorie expense. Chicken is one of the best sources of protein.

The reason why protein is so great at filling one up and suppressing appetite is that it has an effect on ghrelin. Ghrelin is a hormone that controls hunger.

Peptide YY is another hormone that affects hunger. Protein consumption has an effect on Peptide YY as well.


How To Prepare Chicken For Weight

How you prepare chicken has a lot to do with how filling the chicken will be. Frying chicken makes it less weight loss friendly because when you’re frying a chicken in oil, the oil is liquified fat; therefore, you’re adding fat to the chicken (ib). The type of fat that is being added to the chicken is an unhealthy type of fat. Also, adding a lot of extra calorie-based ingredients can add calories.

You can add some ingredients for flavor in moderation. However, you don’t want to add calorie-based ingredients excessively. When eating chicken for weight loss, you want to avoid eating the fat content and eat lean poultry (ib).  A baked or grilled chicken breast can be one of the best parts of the chicken to eat because you’re not eating fat (ib).

Popular Ways Chicken Can Be Eaten For Weight Loss

Weight Loss Friendly Entree

Often the entree can be the least weight loss friendly unhealthiest part of the meal. Chicken can be a weight loss friendly, healthy entree option.

Added To Salad

Adding chicken to a salad can really complement the salad. The chicken can make the salad meatier, and more filling consume.  Also, if you’re eating for weight loss, the chicken incorporated into the salad can make the salad more filling without adding a lot of calories to the salad.

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