Why Do I Cheat On My Diet

If your reading this article, you probably have a history of cheating on your diet, and while you may be angry at yourself that you have this problem of cheating on your diet, make sure you take the time to give yourself a pat on the back for at least trying to figure out “why” you cheat on your diet.

You see, many people cheat on their diet, but they never ask themselves why, and because they never ask themselves why they are likely to cheat on their diet again. For example, they may cheat on their diet and gain 3 pounds, and instead of trying to figure out why they cheated on their diet, they just go back to dieting and exercising to lose the 3 pounds. However, because they never figured out why they cheated on their diet in the first place they are likely to cheat on their diet again, which is how yo-yo dieting can start.

In this article, we will go over common reasons why people cheat on their diet and how to overcome these reasons. Now keep in mind it may be more than one reason that causes you to cheat on your diet.

Common Reasons Why Cheat On Our Diets

1. Negative Emotions

One of the common reasons people cheat on their diets is due to negative emotions. Impatience, frustration, stress, and any other negative emotion can cause you to cheat on your diet because you may often turn to food to take a break from these emotions. If you find yourself always cheating on your diet when you’re in a negative mood, it’s important that you find better ways to do deal with your negative emotions.

For example, if you eat because of stress at work, find better ways to deal with the stress. Maybe you can start exercising or meditation to deal with the stress.

Now I know that not cheating on your diet when you’re feeling bad is easier said than done and that some situations are bigger than others, such as you there may be a challenge in your personal or professional life.

However, you have to understand that things will happen in life, and if every time something happens, you’re going to break your diet, then you will constantly be in the yoyo diet phase. So you have to start planning in advance what you will do hard situations happen.

Also, be proactive. Find out what causes you to get a bad mood, and learn how to manage those situations better, so you don’t end up getting put in a bad mood in the first place,
For example, if you always get angry driving to work because of morning traffic, maybe you should leave out a little earlier so you’re less inclined to get angry.


2. Boredom

Similar to negative emotions, when you’re bored, your body will use food as a way to break the boredom and stimulate itself. If you find that you have a problem with cheating on your diet when you’re bored, try to create a better schedule full of activities that keep you engaged and stimulated.


3. Change In Excitement & Focus Getting A Head of Ourselves

New Dieter Excitement
Honey Moon Phase Wears Off
When you start a weight loss diet, getting ahead of yourself can cause you to cheat on your diet down the road. You see, when you make the decision to start a weight loss, you’re often enthusiastic and excited. You want to lose weight as quickly as possible so create a diet for yourself as quickly as possible. So the diet that you create is often very restrictive. Now doing the honeymoon phase of the new diet where you’re excited about losing weight, you can maintain the diet, but after a couple of days or weeks after the honeymoon phone or the honeymoon phase wears, you find that you have trouble sticking to your diet.
It’s important to realize that slow and steady wins the race. You want to create a reasonable diet that you can maintain even after the honey moon phase of your new wears off.

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