Why HIIT is Great For Weight Loss

HIIT or (High-Intensity Interval Training) is extremely effective at creating weight loss.


Why HIIT Is So Effective For Weight Loss

1. Burns More Calories

Simply put, calories are units of energy. When the body consumes more calories than it needs, the leftover energy becomes stored energy, otherwise known as fat.

The reason why high-intensity interval training is so good for weight loss is that when you increase the intensity at which you exercise, it requires more energy to perform the exercise; therefore, you’re burning for energy, calories, and eventually more fat.

Now when you pick up the intensity at which you perform an exercise, it requires more energy to perform it. That’s why you’re more exhausted if you’ve done an exercise at a higher intensity.

So it should be no surprise when you pick up the pace and intensity at which you exercise, more energy will be required to perform the exercise, and you will thereby burn more calories and ultimately burn more fat.


When you exercise at a high intensity, you don’t just burn calories during the exercise process itself; you continue to burn calories post-exercise.

This called EPOC of (blank)

Now there are a lot of mixed opinions about how much weight that you actually burn. On the high side, people say you can burn blank calories, and on the low side, people say you can only burn blank calories.

However, keep in mind there are blank calories in a pound. Even on the low end, your burning calories. Even burning blank calories, the 3 to 4 days you exercise a week can add up over time.

3. Very Time Efficient

You can get a great workout and burn the calories in a fraction of the time.


What Is HIIT

HIIT is when you do exercises where there are high intensity burst followed by rest breaks.  An example of HIIT would be sprinting for 1 minute, then walking for 2 minutes, and then sprinting for another minute and so on. In this example the 1 minute sprint is the high intensity activity the 2 minute walking is the rest period.

The Purpose of the Rest Period

The purpose of the rest period is so you can recharge for the next high-intensity burst. If you were working out for high-intensity non-stop, the exercise would not last long.  In these rest periods, you may stop working out entirely or do a less intensive workout.


Great HIIT Exercises For Weight Loss

Almost any exercise can be turned into a high-intensity exercise by increasing the speed and pace you do it at. For example, jogging can be turned into a high-intensity exercise by picking up the pace and sprinting.

Now some notably popular HIIT exercises include.