Can You Lose Fat By Lifting Weights?

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Lifting weights can help reduce body fat.

Why Lifting Weights Can Help Burn Fat


1. You Can Burn Calories In Act

Fat all comes down to calories, and calories are simply units of energy. When you do activities that require you to exert a lot of energy, it will burn more calories. The more energy the activity requires, the more calories you will burn or deplete to provide that energy.

How many calories you burn through lifting weights can have a lot to do with how demanding the exercise is. Exercises that are grueling and require more energy to complete will require more energy and, therefore, will burn more calories and ultimately body fat.


2. Muscle Development

Yes, you can lose fat by lifting weights because lifting weights burn muscle. How much calories muscles burned is debatable, but it’s true that muscles burn more calories than fat. It is said each pound of muscle burns so many calories.


3. Can Reduce The Appearance of Fat

Not only does losing weight burn fat, but it reduces the appearance of fat. That’s why even if you’re not trying to get bulky, it’s a good idea to lift weights or do some other resistance exercise so that you can build tone muscle and build a toned, lean frame.

You can’t target which part of the body you want to lose weight in, but you can target which part of the body you want to tone.


4. You Can Burn Weight in the Recovery Period

Now there are different views on how many calories you can burn. How many calories you will burn post exercise is  based on your own weight and how much your body was pushed doing the exercise itself. Still, if you combine the calories you lose through the weight loss process itself and the calories you lose post-workout, it can definitely add up to a meaningful difference.

Body building is all about tearing muscles down and building them back up.

It involves many muscles throughout the entire body.


Common Misconception: Lifting Weights Creates Bulkiness Overnight

Many people, when lifting weights, don’t want to get bulky. They are concerned that if they lift weights, they will get bulky unintentionally. However, these worries are unfounded. Any bodybuilder will tell you that getting bulky requires consistent focus and does not happen by accident overnight. To build muscle, you have to do heavy weight lifting and constantly be lifting heavier and heavier weights so your muscles can develop more and more.

It requires intentional effort to build muscles. That is especially the case with women because they have lower testosterone levels. Testosterone is the hormone that contributes to muscle development. So any worries about one day waking up bulky out of the blue are unfounded.


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