Hill Sprints: Benefits, Work Outs, How To, & More


Hill sprint work out can be an excellent way to work out.

How To Perform

You go to inclined hill and you run up the hill as quickly as you can.


Hill Sprint Workouts



Hill Sprint Benefits

Hill sprints can build power.

Can stronger more powerful runner

Many people lift weights to develop leg muscles, and sprinting can be great because it’s a natural way to build leg muscles for running. you see, you’re using those same muscles for running, but since you’re on an inclined, gravity is against the muscles, making them stronger.

Because your running on an inclined surface, gravity is against you, and so your legs have to work harder to push you up the hill, and the leg muscles develop as a result.

Can give you great work out in a fraction of the time.

Makes You Less Injury Prone (ib)


Can Really Work Your Ab Muscles (ib)

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