Hill Sprints: Benefits, Work Outs, How To, & More

Sprinting uphill is a very rigorous way to exercise, but it can provide many unique or special benefits to the body.

Hill Sprint Benefits

1. Can Make You a Stronger Runner (ib)

Muscles that you use for running have to work extra hard when you’re running uphill because gravity is working against you; as a result, these muscles develop, and it can lead to you be a more powerful and faster runner. Hill sprints have been shown to increase a runners power (ib) and speed (ib).


2. Great For Burning Calories

Doing rigorous exercises like hill sprints can burn calories in a fraction of the time compared to if you were doing less intensive activities.

Calories are units of energy that the body burns or uses when it performs a physical activity. The more demanding of energy the physical activity is, the more calories that you will that. That is why a demanding activity like hill sprints is perfect for burning calories.

What makes hill sprints so demanding is that you are running at high speed, which requires a lot of energy, and you’re running uphill, making it even more challenging and demanding.


3. Great For Strengthening & Toning Various Muscles.

Great for strengthening and toning various muscles. Some of the muscles that hill sprints work include:

Ab Muscles (ib)

Hill sprints aren’t just great for working your legs; they are great for working your core as well.

When you’re performing hill sprints, you’re running against gravity, so the core muscles have to be engaged to hold your upper body so that you don’t fall backward (ib).

Also, when you perform hill sprints because you’re running uphill, you have to raise your knees higher when you run. When you raise your legs, your knees come up close to your chest like doing a crunch that can further engage the core muscles (ib).

That is why when you run hill sprints, you may notice a burning sensation on the abs because it really works the abs (ib).


4. Makes You Less Injury Prone (ib)

When sprinting uphill, even though you’re running at your top speed because you’re running on an inclined surface, you will only go so fast, which ultimately makes it less injury-prone than if you were running at full speed on a flat surface.(ib).


5. Can Be Beneficial To Cardiovascular Health

Performing hill sprints can help make your heart stronger, because performing high intensity exercises like hill sprints really works the heart.


How To Do Hill Sprints:



Hill sprints is a very grueling way to exercise so you might want to do something lose to get the body warmed up and you might want to stretch.


How To Perform:

An excellent way to perform hill sprints is in intervals.


How To Perform

Its always a good idea to stretch and to do a warm up exercise before you do a high intensity exercise like hill sprints (ib). You go to inclined hill and you run up the hill as quickly as you can.  It is definitely recommended that you stretch before you start performing hill sprints.


Hill Sprint Workouts

A great way to perform hill sprints is intervals where you have a recovery period (ib).

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