How To Make Exercising Fun: Ways To Make Exercising Fun

how to make exercising fun

How come things that are good for you are always the hardest to do? Whether it’s eating vegetables or exercising, it seems like the things that are best for you are also always the hardest.

Well, the thing is, every hard thing can be made to be more enjoyable, with a little bit of creativity, even exercising. Exercising can be made to be fun. Still not a believer? Well, keep on reading on, and in this article, we will go over ways of how to make exercising fun.


Ways To Make Exercising Fun

1. Hold Off Listening To Music Until You Exercise

Listening to music while you exercise is a great way to make exercising fun.  Cut off listening to music throughout the week, and only allow yourself to listen to music when you’re exercising. 

You may find yourself looking forward to exercising because you finally get a chance to listen to music. 

If you love listening to audiobooks for entertainment purposes, you can use audiobooks as well.  

Pretty soon, instead of dreading your next workout session, you may find yourself a little excited about it because you want to find out how the audiobook ends.


2. Make A Reward Out Of It

Rewarding yourself after you exercise can be a great way to make exercising fun.  For example, if you like to do online shopping, you can set aside 1, 5, or 10 dollars towards that item you always wanted to purchase every time you exercise.

This is just one example of the many ways you can choose to reward yourself.  Just make sure whichever way you chose to reward yourself makes sure it’s something you will appreciate.

The point is giving yourself some kind of a reward after you exercise is a great way to make exercise something that you can be excited about doing.


3. Make an Exercise Out of Things You Like To Do Naturally

Make an exercise out of things that you like to do naturally; for example, if you like going to the mall, make an exercise out of it.

The exercise can be walking several laps around the mall (make sure you don’t get sidetracked by the urge to shop).

When you make an exercise out of things that you like to do naturally, it feels less like exercise.


4. Set Shorter Term Goals

Set shorter terms goals. When you feel like exercising is getting you somewhere, it can be more enjoyable, and you may be more excited to do it, so break that long-term goal of losing 40 pounds over the next couple of months into short-term goals such as losing one or 2 pounds every week.


5. Work Out At Home

Working out at home can be more comfortable and more enjoyable. There are many exercises that allow you to be stationary that you can do right in the comfort of your own home that will give you a real workout. You can go to your local sporting goods store and get an inexpensive floor mat.

You do workouts that allow you to be stationary and maybe even watch tv like jumping jacks, burpees, or walking on a treadmill. You can even do these exercises in front of the tv or while watching tv, but you don’t want the tv to throw you off. You will want to practice good safety, good form, and good technique when you exercise.

Working out at home may feel so much more low maintenance, easier, and more comfortable than working outside or going to the gym because there is less preparation involved.


6. Find a Work Out Buddy

Exercising with a workout buddy can make the mood more fun and playful when you exercise.

A good relationship to have with a workout buddy is one where you can make working out a more fun and social occasion, but at the same time, you all stay focused on pushing each other and practicing good safety measures.


7. Playing Games With Your Kids

Playing games that require you to be active with your kids, such as basketball, tag, frisbee, and soccer, can be a lot of fun. Plus, it can make for a good workout; because, as every parent already knows, kids have so much energy. Therefore, it can be a good workout just keeping up with them. Plus, it’s a great way to spend time with your kid.

This is a great option for parents who say that they don’t have time to exercise because it allows you to workout while spending time with your children.


8. Make Exercise Fun Through Dance

Dance is such a fun way to exercise and lose weight.  The reason why dance is such a fun way of exercising is that you can lose yourself in the music and forget you’re working out. 

Also, you can try cutting off listening to music throughout the week and only allow yourself to listen to it when you dance, as it can make your dance experience more enjoyable.

You may find yourself looking forward to working out because you finally get to listen to music and dance.

When learning how to exercise through dance, it would be a good idea to purchase a highly recommended dance workout video. 

The dance workout video will show you what dance moves are most effective in working the body out and burning calories if that is your goal, and who knows, learning how to bust out the dance moves may come in handy one day.


9. Join A Recreation League

Great sports to get involved in are that will make you break a sweat are a basketball league, tennis league, flag football, or soccer league to new a few.

You may be surprised what you have right in your local town. It’s a lot of fun plus you can make new friends that have similar interests. Now some people when they get off work they like to relax, watch, TV and kickback, and you may say that joining a sports league is cutting into my tv time, but you may find it more enjoyable and fulfilling. 

Now if you like to relax and watch tv you may say that joing a sports league is to time consuming and will cut into more tv time, but you may find doing and activity like this is even more fun, engaging, and fulfilling then watching 


10. Try and Activity That’ve You Have Always Been Interested In

Have you had an activity that you always wanted to try but for some reason you never got around to doing? Maybe you wanted to learn how to kickbox, salsa dance, or ballet. If you have an activity that you want to try, you have another reason to do it as it can wind up being the perfect exercise for you.

You may say to yourself that this cutting into my tv time, but joining activities you love can be even more fun plus, it has been beneficial, and you’re going to get a lot more for your time. You can find classes that can teach you and train you.


11. Play Video Games That Require You To Be Active

There is a new genre of video games that requires you to be active or require you to act out the game’s motion. Some of these games can make for a great workout. Playing video games to workout may seem like a somewhat unorthodox way to exercise.

However, you may be surprised by how much of a workout you can get with playing some of these games. You can even get one of the smartwatches that track your heart rate to see how good of a workout your getting.

The best thing about using video games to workout is that you can get so lost in playing the game that you can forget that you’re exercising.

Again, it may feel a little unorthodox initially, but you may find yourself coming back day after day to exercise and play the game because you’re having so much fun and want to progress to the next stage of the game.

Studies have shown that enjoyment can be a factor that can increase and encourage physical activity (1)