Jumping Jacks: Health Benefits, How To, Risk & Pregnancy

Jumping jacks is an exercise that provides so many benefits to the body and one the best things about jumping jacks is that you do them from the comfort of your own home.

Health Benefits of Jumping Jacks

1. Burn Calories Promote Weight Loss

Calories are units of energy, and when perform jumping jacks, you are moving the entire body in a constant motion which requires a lot of energy, especially if you’re doing jumping jacks at a fast paste.

The amount of calories that you burn can really add up depending on how many you do. However, you don’t want to overwork the body. It’s very important to be aware of physical discomfort.


2. Very Convenient

Allows you to break a sweat while staying stationary or in one spot so that you can do this exercise in the comfort of your own.

It requires no equipment like if you had to go to gym but can still give you quite a workout.


3. Can Benefit Cardiovascular Health

Doing jumping jacks can be beneficial to one’s heart health. The nonstop repetitive motion can get the body working into an extra gear.  You see the heart is a muscle and exercises like jumping jacks help strengthen this muscle so it works more effectively


4. Great For The Bones

Jumping jacks are great for the bones because it’s a high impact activity. When you do high-impact activity, it causes the bones to reinforce themselves.

Various studies have shown a correlation between high-impact activities and increase bone density (1)(2)(3)

There are studies that show how jumping exercises, in particular, can help with bone strength (1)(2)(3).


5. Great For Keeping You Shape

Jumping jacks is a full-body exercise, and when you consider the physical benefits and the cardiovascular benefits, it’s great for keeping you in shape (ms).


How To Properly Perform Jumping Jacks


It’s always a good idea to stretch before you start performing jumping jacks.

Where comfortable clothing.


Anything done excessively can pose a problem, Always be aware of how your feeling, if you start to discomfort or payne.

If you’re pregnant its definitely a good idea to talk to your doctor before doing jumping jacks.


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