Oblique Crunches: Health Benefits, How To

oblique crunches benefits



1. Really Targets The Obliques/ 2. Toned Abs

This exercise really targets the obliques. (show picture of the oblique muscle)
few exercises really target obliques (ib)

Ab workouts are great for developing toned abs. You often see people when losing weight think about just burning calories but not developing muscle. You can have a small waistline and tummy when this happens, but your stomach can still be soft. Doing ab workouts develops muscle underneath the fat spreading the fat out, thinning the layer, giving you a more toned look.

(Ib) standard crunches can help you develop a six-pack, but oblique crunches are a great exercise if you want to develop and target those side muscles.

3. Stronger Core (ib)

The benefits of a strong core are…..


4. Develops Side Muscles (ib)


5. Helps with side to side motion (ib)

What Muscles Do They Work 

(picture of muscles they work and names of those muscles)


Variations of Oblique Crunches and What Muscles They Work

a. Standard Oblique Crunch





How To Do Oblique Crunches

Do not tug on your kneck. Use your core to lift your body up. This is what really strengthens your oblique muscles.

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