Should You Eat A Banana Before or After a Workout?

Bananas are the perfect food for working out. But often times the questions comes up of whether its better to eat bananas before working out or after working out. Its important to explore the benefits of eating bananas pre work out and then post and answer the question, “is one time better than the other?”.

Benefit of Eating Bananas Pre Work Out

1. Provide You Longer Lasting Energy

They can provide you energy. They can provide you energy at relatively little calorie expense.  Most of the energy comes from the sugar content, but the calories that come from the sugar content go a long way in large part due to its fiber content. You see, fiber helps slow down your body’s ability to break down sugar. So energy buzz will last longer.

2. Fill You Up 

Bananas can fill you up at relatively little calorie expense.  This can be beneficial if you’re working out to try to lose weight.  So if weight loss is one of your workout goals, you can eat banana and be made full at relatively little calorie expense.

Benefit of Eating Bananas Post Workout

1. Recharge You

Some of the benefits that bananas pre workout can also be beneficial post workout

After a work out you will hungry and bananas can be great because they can serve as a low calorie filling food that can take care of your hunger.

Bananas can be great because they can recharge you if you’re depleted on energy after a work out.

If you feel completely exhausted and feel that your energy has been completely depleted, bananas can help refuel you.

2. Take Calorie Hunger

Eating a banana can serve as a low calorie alternative. Bananas are low calorie and filling so they can be used.  Another alternative fruit would be an apple.

3. Relax Muscles (ib)

Eating bananas post work out can serve the purpose of relaxing your muscles. 

4. Can Help Replenish Potassium

Bananas can help replenish the potassium that is lost by exercising.

5. Helps Reduce Physical Stress on The Body (ib)

Eating bananas post work out can do an excellent job of doing is helping the body to recover from stress post workout.


Whether you want to eat bananas before or after a workout is entirely up to you based on the benefits you want to take advantage of, and there isn’t any rule that says you can’t do both, eat bananas before and after your work out.

However, to much anything no matter how good can be bad. Bananas should be eaten in moderation so you take in much of the nutrients and calories they provide. A good rule of thumb would be to eat no more than two or three bananas a day (ib).

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