Oatmeal: Health Benefits, Weight Loss, & Preparation


Oatmeal has become one of the most popular breakfast food choices, and for good reason, as oatmeal has everything you would want in a breakfast food to start the day off right.  Oatmeal is very filling.  It provides long-lasting energy.  Oatmeal provides many nutrients that your body needs, and it does all this at relatively low-calorie intake.

In this article, we will go over the health benefits of oatmeal in-depth so that you can fully understand and appreciate all that oatmeal has to offer.


Health Benefits:

1. Extremely Nutritious

Oatmeal is a very hearty food packed with many important nutrients. 

A 1/4 Cup Serving of Precooked/Dry Steel Cut Oats Provides:
Carbs: 27 to 29 grams (of the 27 to 29 grams of carbs 4 to 5 of those grams are Fiber)
Protein: 5 to 7 grams
Iron: (10 percent DV) 
Calories:  150 to 170
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2. Can Provide Long-Lasting Energy

Oatmeal has simple carbs that the body breaks down and uses for energy.  However, oatmeal also has fiber which slows down the body’s ability to break the simple carbs, which means the energy that the simple carbs provide is spread out over a longer period of time.  This is why it is possible for a person to eat a bowl of oatmeal and still feel an energy buzz from eating the bowl of oatmeal possibly hours later.  


3. Can Fill You Up For Long Periods of Time

Oatmeal is very filling to eat.  Oatmeal’s ability to filling to eat has a lot to with its soluble fiber content.   You see, soluble fiber has the ability to absorb water.  So when you cook oatmeal by boiling it in water the the oatmeal’s soluble fiber content will absorb the water.  As the soluble fiber content of the oatmeal absorbs water, it changes into a gel form and expands expanding the overall size of the oatmeal making the oatmeal more filling to eat.

One other important point to make about soluble fiber is that once soluble fiber absorbs water and changes into gel form, it will take the soluble fiber longer to make its way through your digestive system in its gel form keeping you fuller longer.  Therefore, not only does oatmeal fill you up, but the soluble fiber content of the oatmeal keeps you full for longer periods of time.  That’s why somebody can eat oatmeal early in the morning and still be full potentially hours later well into the day.


4. Great Food To Make Apart of a Weight Loss Diet

Many people mistakenly believe that in order to lose weight, they have be on an overly restrictive diet where they are hungry and lack energy all the time.  However, this is not true, and dieting this way is not healthy.

A healthy weight loss diet should not be a diet that just achieves the singular goal of weight loss at the expense of you being hungry and feeling energy deprived.

A proper weight loss diet should be a diet where you achieve weight loss, but at the same time, it should be a diet where you are kept full & content, have plenty of energy, and are getting plenty of nutrients.  Oatmeal is an excellent addition to any healthy weight loss diet because oatmeal helps achieve all these things.  Oatmeal is filling, nutritious, gives you energy, and is a low-calorie weight loss friendly food.

A 1/4 cup serving of precooked dry steel cut oats contains only 150 to 170 calories.  Because oatmeal is so low in calories, there is room to add sugar or other sweeteners in moderation, and it can still be a relatively low-calorie & weight loss friendly meal.  However, adding excessive amounts of sugar or other sweeteners will begin to diminish oatmeal’s ability to be a weight loss friendly meal.


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Health Precautions


Glyphosate residue can be found in the oats of many oatmeal products.  Glyphosate is a very controversial substance as there are concerns that it may cause cancer as well as other health issues.  If you are concerned about glyphosate residue in your oatmeal, there are oatmeal products that are available that have been shown to have lower levels of glyphosate, and some oatmeal products have been tested to be glyphosate free.