Is Cantaloupe Good for Weight Loss?

cantaloupe weight loss

Cantaloupe can be great for weight loss. One reason cantaloupe can be great for weight loss is that it can do a great job of satisfying one’s sweet tooth while being low in calories. Cantaloupe’s ability to satisfy one’s sweet tooth can be very important when trying to lose weight because one of the biggest challenges people run into when trying to lose weight is sugar cravings.

Cantaloupe can serve as low calorie and healthy option to many of the foods many people eat to satisfy their sweet tooth.

Cantaloupe also has very important nutrients. It’s very important to make sure that you’re getting plenty of nutrition when you’re on a weight-loss diet.


Cantaloupe requires very little preparation. All one has to do is make sure that it is ripe and then cut out a wedge.

How To Eat Cantaloupe For Weight Loss


A popular way cantaloupe can be eaten as a standalone snack. Cantaloupe is a low-calorie way to keep one’s hunger down between meals.

As a Part of a Meal

Cantaloupe can be eaten as a meal. Cantaloupe can fill one up at little calorie expense, so they don’t have to eat much more calorie-dense foods to fill themselves up.


Water Content

Water content plays a big part in cantaloupe being weight loss friendly. When one consumes water, they fill themselves up at no calorie expense because water has no calories. That is the secret to one of the main reasons a cantaloupe is such weight loss friendly food. Because of its high-water content, cantaloupe is able to fill one up without a lot of calorie intake.


Overall Diet Is Important

When trying to lose weight, it’s important not to just focus on one food causing weight loss. Weight loss is based on your overall diet. To lose weight, your diet needs to be one where you’re consuming fewer calories than you’re burning. If you are not diet is not a diet where you’re consuming fewer calories than you’re burning, you’re not going to lose weight just because you’re eating cantaloupe. However, incorporated into a diet correctly, cantaloupe can help a person create a diet where they’re consuming fewer calories than they’re burning.



Is Protein Good for Weight Loss?

protein weight loss

Protein has the potential to be great for weight loss.

Why Can Protein Be Great for Weight Loss?

Every gram of protein contains 4 calories.

One reason protein is great for weight loss is that protein is filling, so a person doesn’t have to consume protein excessively to suppress appetite. Therefore, protein can suppress appetite at moderate calorie expense.

One reason protein consumption can aid in weight loss is that protein is filling, so a person doesn’t have to consume protein excessively to suppress appetite. Therefore, protein can suppress appetite at moderate calorie expense.

Protein’s ability to suppress appetite makes it excellent for weight loss because weight loss is about moderating caloric intake so that one is consuming fewer calories than they’re burning.

Because protein can suppress appetite at a moderate caloric expense, foods with high protein concentrations also tend to be able to suppress appetite at moderate caloric expense making these foods great options to make a part of a weight loss diet.

High protein concentration foods are referred to as lean protein foods. Lean protein foods have a high protein concentration and are low in fat.

For protein consumption to help with weight loss, protein has to be consumed in a way where it is helping to control hunger while simultaneously helping to keep your caloric intake down.

You want to consume enough protein where it is helping to satisfy your appetite and fulfilling your nutritional needs, but not so much where a person is taking in excess calories.


Additional Reasons Protein Can Be Great for Weight Loss

As mentioned, protein consumption can be great for weight because protein is filling, so protein can suppress appetite at minimal calorie expense. However, there are additional reasons besides the fact protein is filling that protein consumption can be great for weight loss. Other reasons protein can be great for weight loss include:

1. More Energy Required to Digest Protein Then Other Macronutrients

Calories are units of energy that we can through food consumption and burn through physical activity.

The body uses energy to digest and process protein. In fact, about 20 to 30 percent of the calories will be used for digestion which is more than carbs which use about 5 to 10 percent, and fat which uses 0 to 3 percent.

Therefore, not only is protein able to fill you up at little calorie expense, but many of the calories will be burned in the digestion process.


2. Stop You From Eating As Many Carbs

Simple carbs are a great source of energy, because the body can convert them to energy quickly. Resulting in a rapid blood sugar spike. However, because the body can convert the carbs into energy so well it doesn’t take long for the body to burn through all those carbs resulting in a sugar drop.

This rapid energy boost followed by an energy drop leaves the body wanting more carbs which can result in sugar cravings.

Consuming protein with carbs helps slow down the body’s breaking down and absorption of carbs which means the energy is more stable and last longer which helps prevents the body from demanding more carbs. Studies have shown that eating protein alongside carbs helps reduce carb intake (ib).


3. Can Help Build Muscle

Another way protein can indirectly help with weight loss is that it helps build muscle mass. Even if you are not trying to have bulky muscles having lean muscles can be great for weight loss. Because every pound of muscle requires more calories of energy to sustain than a pound of fat (ib). Which means when you consume food much of the calories of energy you consume will go to growing and sustaining muscle.

Every pound of muscle requires calories.

Consuming lean protein foods that won’t contribute to fat because lean protein is not fattening if its consumed correctly along with exercising is a great way to build lean muscle.


What Allows Protein to Be So Filling?

As mentioned earlier protein is great for weight loss because it can fill you up at little calorie expense.

Infact there are 3 macronutrients fat, carbs, and protein (macronutrients are nutrients that we consume in large quantities, and of all the macronutrients studies have shown protein has been shown to be the most filling, which means it take less calories of protein to promote fullness, then it does carbs or fat.

There are several reasons why protein is so filling to consume.

Lowers Ghrelin

Protein consumption helps lower ghrelin which is hormone that is involved with hunger and so reducing ghrelin should cause one to eat less.

Peptide YY

Peptide YY Is a content that is involved in hunger that protein has an effect on.  Peptide YY is hormone that reduces hunger which ultimately reduce the amount a person eats. Protein had been shown to increase peptide YY (ib).

Also, Protein is so effective at promoting fullness because its effect on certain hormones such as ghrelin and peptide YY.

Because it’s so effective at promoting fullness it does not take a lot of protein to fill one up which allows one to keep caloric intake down.

Also, the fullness brought about by protein consumption can cause you to eat less of other foods. Studie have shown that participants that have eaten certain amounts of protein ate fewer other foods, and their calorie intake overall was lower.

Protein also provides longer lasting fullness.





Lean Protein Foods

Just Because a Food Has Protein Doesn’t Mean It’s Weight Loss Friendly:

As mentioned before protein can be great for weight loss in that it can fill you up at moderate calorie expense.  Therefore, for foods with high protein concentrations tend also to be able to fill one up and moderate calorie expense making these foods have the potential to be great for weight loss.

However, if the food also has an excessive amount of fat content it offset the food’s ability to be low calorie and weight loss friendly despite the food having protein content.

Lean protein foods are foods that are defined as foods that have less than grams of fat

However, it’s important to understand that just because a food is not defined as weight loss friendly doesn’t mean it doesn’t have the ability to aid in a weight loss diet.

It’s also important to clarify that all foods that have protein are not weight loss friendly.

How weight loss friendly a food with protein can be often has a lot to do with how much protein it has relative to how much fat and carbs it has.

Also, they are a lot of manufactured foods that have protein in them bu they also have carbs and fat in non-weight loss friendly quantities.

Typically, lean protein foods are the foods that are great for weight loss. For example, a lean chicken breast can be great for weight loss due to its high protein concentration. Protein is great for weight loss because it can fill you up with a little calorie expense. Therefore, lean protein foods with high protein concentrations also tend to be able to fill you up at minimal calorie expense.

Just because a food has protein doesn’t mean it’s weight loss friendly.



Not A Sure Thing

Protein consumption does not guarantee weight loss. Even if a person has a diet filled with lean protein foods it doesn’t mean they are guaranteed to lose weight.

Has to be Eaten in Correct Amounts:

Has to do if you’re making a conscious effort to eat protein in a way where it will moderate your overall calorie intake, and how strategically you’re consuming protein to moderate caloric intake. 

A point that was made earlier in this article that needs to be reemphasized is that the protein does not guarantee weight loss.


Can You Lose Fat By Lifting Weights?

lift weights burn fat lose fat weight loss

Lifting weights can help reduce body fat.

Why Lifting Weights Can Help Burn Fat


1. You Can Burn Calories In Act

Fat all comes down to calories, and calories are simply units of energy. When you do activities that require you to exert a lot of energy, it will burn more calories. The more energy the activity requires, the more calories you will burn or deplete to provide that energy.

How many calories you burn through lifting weights can have a lot to do with how demanding the exercise is. Exercises that are grueling and require more energy to complete will require more energy and, therefore, will burn more calories and ultimately body fat.


2. Muscle Development

Yes, you can lose fat by lifting weights because lifting weights burn muscle. How much calories muscles burned is debatable, but it’s true that muscles burn more calories than fat. It is said each pound of muscle burns so many calories.


3. Can Reduce The Appearance of Fat

Not only does losing weight burn fat, but it reduces the appearance of fat. That’s why even if you’re not trying to get bulky, it’s a good idea to lift weights or do some other resistance exercise so that you can build tone muscle and build a toned, lean frame.

You can’t target which part of the body you want to lose weight in, but you can target which part of the body you want to tone.


4. You Can Burn Weight in the Recovery Period

Now there are different views on how many calories you can burn. How many calories you will burn post exercise is  based on your own weight and how much your body was pushed doing the exercise itself. Still, if you combine the calories you lose through the weight loss process itself and the calories you lose post-workout, it can definitely add up to a meaningful difference.

Body building is all about tearing muscles down and building them back up.

It involves many muscles throughout the entire body.


Common Misconception: Lifting Weights Creates Bulkiness Overnight

Many people, when lifting weights, don’t want to get bulky. They are concerned that if they lift weights, they will get bulky unintentionally. However, these worries are unfounded. Any bodybuilder will tell you that getting bulky requires consistent focus and does not happen by accident overnight. To build muscle, you have to do heavy weight lifting and constantly be lifting heavier and heavier weights so your muscles can develop more and more.

It requires intentional effort to build muscles. That is especially the case with women because they have lower testosterone levels. Testosterone is the hormone that contributes to muscle development. So any worries about one day waking up bulky out of the blue are unfounded.


Can Fruit Make You Lose Weight

There are a variety of fruits that have the potential to be great for weight loss.

Fruits that are great for weight loss, in general, have similar characteristics.

These fruits tend to have a high concentration of water content, which is important because water is filling and has no calories. Therefore, fruits with a high water concentration in general also tend to be filling and low in calories.

These weight loss friendly fruits also also great weight loss because of their fiber content.

Fiber is great for weight loss, as fiber is filling and fiber has very little calories because it is hard for the body to break down fiber, so fiber travels through the body largely intact, filling you up in the process at little calorie expense.

Also, the caloric content that is found in these fruits is found in minimal amounts.

Now there are those fruits that you have to be a little mindful of how you fit into your weight-loss diets, but in general, fruits are great for weight loss. Some of the stand out fruits include:

Top Fruits For Weight Loss

1. Grape Fruit

Grapefruits are one of the most weight loss-friendly foods you can eat as they can completely fill up and are at 76 calories (ib).  Grapefruit has a high water concentration even for fruits, so they are so juicy when you eat them (ib).

2. Apples

Apples are very filling and low in calories. Apples are another fruit that is one of the best at filling you up at little calorie expense. As one to two apples can fill you up or can fill an average person up, and a medium apple is only blank calories.

3. Bananas

Bananas can be a great food for weight loss. In general, often times the reason why fruits are great for weight loss is that they are high in water and fiber, and the content that can contribute to weight loss, like sugar, is found in small amounts. The average medium size banana contains about 105 calories. Bananas sometimes get a bad rep because of their sugar content, but it is important to understand that all fruits have sugar content. Now although there are other fruits that are more filling and have calories doesn’t’ mean they are not weight loss friendly.

4. Pears 

Pears are also another weight loss friendly fruit that can be incorporated into a weight loss diet.

Is Running Good for Weight Loss?

running weight loss

Running can be great for weight loss.

Why Running Great for Weight Loss

Weight loss occurs when the body is burning more calories than it’s taking in. Running is a great way to increase calorie expenditure.

When you run every stride, you take moves muscles throughout the body which requires energy.

How Many Calories Does Running Burn

There is no exact number as far as how many calories running will burn as there are many factors that will cause the number of calories running burns to vary per person. Some of the factors that control how many calories running will burn to include weight, time spent running, and the intensity of how hard and the speed one is running.

How to Run for Weight Loss

HIIT means high-intensity interval training. It’s a form of exercising where you exercise at a high intensity for a short period of time and have a recovery period where you do a less intense exercise activity, stop working out altogether, and then go back to working out at high intensity for a short amount of time. Running as a HIIT exercise can be a great way to run for weight loss (ib).

Therefore, one could run at a high intensity for a short period of time, take a break by doing a less intense activity like walking, and then resume running at a high intensity.


It’s important always to stretch thoroughly before getting ready to run. You also want to wear athletic sneakers and comfortable clothes.

Listening to music can be a great way to yourself pumped up when you run.


Dieting is also very important when it comes to weight loss. You want to have a diet that compliments your exercise efforts.

Having a weight loss-friendly diet also help with weight loss. Because if you are already consuming a moderate number of calories, to begin with, then one doesn’t have to exercise that hard to burn a lot of calories.

Benefits of Cherry Tomatoes

Cherry tomatoes are an excellent food to make a part of a diet because there are many amazing health benefits of eating cherry tomatoes.

Cherry tomatoes can be added to salads, and they can give the salad a more colorful taste and enhance the nutritional value of the salad without adding too many calories.

1. Extremely Nutritious

Cherry tomatoes one cup service: 

Calories:  25 to 27 calories

Cherry tomatoes are extremely nutritious and in particular are a great source of:

• Vitamin A has a number of benefits. Some of the benefits include protection of vision and also help the immune system.

•Vitamin C has many health benefits. Two benefits of vitamin c are that it can boost the immune system and is great for the skin. As displayed in the graph one cup of cherry tomatoes contain dv of vitamin c.

•Lycopene  Tomatoes are a great source of lycopene (as shown in the chart); one cup or 149 grams of cherry tomatoes contains a decent amount of a person’s daily lycopene requirements.

• Zeaxanthin is another beneficial content found in tomatoes in very substantial quantities.


2. Great For Weight Loss

Cherry tomatoes can be great for weight loss as they neutralize hunger and are low in calories (a one-cup serving of cherry tomatoes has only 25 calories).

What allows cherry tomatoes to be great at neutralizing hunger while at the same time being low in calories is their fiber and water content, as fiber and water are both great at neutralizing hunger and water has no calories, and fiber has virtually no calories.

Topping a salad or other dish with cherry tomatoes will make the dish more filling without adding a lot calories to the dish, ultimately making the dish more weight loss-friendly.


3. They May Be Beneficial for the Skin

Cherry tomatoes contain lycopene and vitamin c. Both these contents have been shown to beneficial to the skin.

Lycopene can help protect skin from UV exposure. That is important because UV exposure can eat away at elastin in the skin, which can cause wrinkles to form.

Cherry tomatoes should not be used as a replacement or substitute for sunscreen for protecting skin from the sun but rather in addition to sunscreen.

People know vitamin C for its benefit of boosting the immune system. A lesser-known benefit of vitamin C is its ability to assist collagen production and maintenance (ib). Collagen is the protein that helps prevents skin from wrinkling and forming lines when it’s folded or creases or creased.


4. They May Be Beneficial for the Heart

Tomatoes can be seen as great for the heart because of the many contents that they have in them. Heart disease is a major problem throughout the world

Cherry tomatoes contain potassium.  Potassium plays a major part in heat health. Getting the correct amount of potassium can help your heart maintain the correct rhythm for a heartbeat.

Cherry tomatoes contain lycopene. Studies have shown a possible correlation between lycopene intake and a lower risk of various heart-related issues.


5. Good for Cancer

Cherry tomatoes have various contents which may help reduce the risk of getting certain types of cancers.

Studies have shown that the consumption of tomatoes products has had an inverse relationship with the risk of various cancers (1)(2).


6. Can Make A Great Addition To Salads or Other Dish

Cherry tomatoes are commonly added to salads and can enhance salads in many ways. As mentioned before, cherry tomatoes are filling, low in calories, nutritious, and tomatoes have a very tasty flavor or colorful taste. Therefore, when you add them to a salad, they can make the salad more filling and nutritious without adding a lot of calories, and cherry tomatoes can give the salad a more colorful taste.

How To Prepare

Cherry red potatoes do not require much preparation. You do want to make sure that you thoroughly wash the cherry tomatoes off before you prepare them.

Tempeh – What is Tempeh & Health Benefits

tempeh health benefits

What is Tempeh? 

Tempeh made from fermented soybeans. Tempeh has a nutty Flavor

Great Substitute for Meat

Meat especially lean meat provides a wide variety of health benefits.  However, one of the main draws of tempeh is that it’s a great substitute for meat. Tempeh’s ability to be a great substitute for meat can be very beneficial for people looking to lower their meat intake or cut meat out of their diets altogether. There are a number of reasons why tempeh is a great substitute:

Complete Protein

One of the reasons tempeh is considered a great vegetarian protein source is that the protein found in tempeh is a complete protein. Meaning the protein found in tempeh has all nine amino acids.

Protein that comes from vegetables being a complete protein is unusual.

Usually, with protein from vegetable sources, the protein will have some of the nine amino acids but not all nine, so you usually have to go to more than one vegetable to get all nine. However, that is not the case with tempeh; it has all nine.

Provides Protein in Sizeable Quantities

Not only is tempeh a great protein source because the protein in tempeh is a complete protein, but also because tempeh provides protein in substantial amounts. One cup of tempeh contains 31 grams of protein, which is about 62 percent of the daily recommended amount of protein.

Because tempeh provides protein in substantial amounts and the protein found in tempeh is a complete protein, it makes tempeh a great protein source for anybody. Still, it can be particularly beneficial for people on a low or no meat diet and looking for great vegetarian sources of protein.

Emulate Texture & Appearance of Meat

Another reason why tempeh can be great for people trying to limit their meat intake is that it can emulate the appearance and texture of meat as tempeh has a firm and chewy texture.


Additional Benefits

There are additional benefits of tempeh that go beyond their ability to emulate meat. Additional benefits of tempeh include:

May Be Good for The Heart

Tempeh has isoflavones which have been shown to be beneficial to the heart.  Tempeh can help with cholesterol, triglycerides, and blood pressure.

There are studies that show a correlation between isoflavones and reduced heart issues.

May Help Make Your Bones Stronger

Tempeh is a complete protein, and it has magnesium, phosphorus, calcium, and vitamin B12, making it great for the bones (ib).

May Help with Gut Health

Tempeh has probiotics that can help improve gut health.

Oxidative Stress

Tempeh has isoflavones which can help against oxidative stress.







Benefits of Bush Tea

rooibos tea health benefits

Bush tea also goes by rooibos tea. Bush tea is a very popular tea found in Africa. However, it’s consumed throughout the world. Now research on bush tea is limited, but it does have many potential benefits; however, many of the benefits have not been backed by science yet. Bush tea has many contents that are associated with various benefits. Bush tea comes from the leaves of the rooibos plant.  This tea goes by many other names.  This plant can be found in South Africa.

This tea is popularly consumed in South Africa.  This is a tea is unknown to much of the general public but has been around for quite some time.  Bush tea has decent amounts of fluoride and copper.  

Benefits Of Bush Tea:

1. Bush Could Be Potentially Good For Diabetes

Bush tea has contents that may have the potential to be good for diabetes.  However, if you obviously add high amounts of sugar-rich sweeteners, it will diminish its ability to be good for diabetes.


2. Bush Tea Could Be Good For Blood Pressure

Drinking bush tea could potentially have a positive impact on one’s blood pressure. There may be contents in bush tea that are good for blood pressure.


3. Weight Loss Friendly

When you put the tea in the water, you are starting from an almost net-zero base, so it has the potential to be very weight loss friendly just as long as you don’t add a lot of high-calorie sweeteners to it.

Bush tea can be a potentially great addition to your weight loss diet.

Health Precautions

If you have cancer that can be affected by estrogen, this tea may not be a good tea for you to drink.


Bush tea has a unique taste 


Robious tea has a very interesting history.

Are Carrots Good For Weight Loss?

carrots weight loss

Carrots can be great for weight loss as they can suppress hunger at little calorie expense (an average medium size banana which is about 61 grams, only contains 23 calories).

Carrots’ ability to neutralize hunger at little calorie expense has much to do with their water concentration, as carrots are 88 percent water by weight.

Water can be very filling, and water has no calories. Therefore, foods like carrots with high water concentration are often great at suppressing appetite and are lower in calories.

Another reason carrots can quash hunger and, at the same time, be low in calories is their fiber content.

Fiber can be very effective at suppressing appetite, and fiber has almost no calories because it’s hard for the body to break fiber down. Therefore, fiber travels through the body largely intact, causing a person to feel fuller without contributing a lot of calories, making fiber great for weight loss.

A medium-sized carrot has 1.7 grams of fiber, about 6 percent of the daily value.


Popular Way Carrots Can Be Used For Weight Loss

1. Minimize Hunger Between Meals

Carrots can be used for weight loss as a standalone snack to keep down hunger between meals. Carrots are frequently eaten with salad dressing for dipping.

2. Make Meals More Weight Loss Friendly

Carrots are often eaten as a side item alongside meals or can be incorporated into the meals directly. When making carrots part of a meal, carrots can promote satiety without adding many calories, making the meal more weight loss-friendly.

Examples of popular ways carrots are incorporated into meals include cutting a carrot into slices and adding it to a salad or soup.

3. Low-Calorie Option to Satisfy Sweet Tooth

Carrots have moderate sugar content and high fiber content. They can be a great low-calorie alternative to satisfy one’s sweet tooth compared to many processed foods with a lot of added sugar.

How to Prepare Carrots:

Carrots should be thoroughly washed before eating.

Does HIIT Help You Lose Weight

Does HIIT help you lose weight. HIIT is great for weight loss is because HIIT is all about working out at a high intensity in short burst, and there many ways that working out at high intensity promotes weight.

Why HIIT Is So Effective For Weight Loss

1. Burns More Calories

The reason why it’s so great at burning calories is that it requires more energy to exercise at a high intensity compared to low intensity. That is why more exhausted after exercising at a high intensity than a lower intensity because you’re you used more energy.

Simply put, calories are units of energy. When the body consumes more calories than it needs, the leftover energy becomes stored energy (otherwise known as fat.)

Therefore when you do high-intensity interval training exercise, and it requires more energy to perform, you’re burning for energy, calories, and eventually more fat.



When you exercise at a high intensity, you don’t just burn calories during the exercise process itself; you continue to burn calories post-exercise.

This process is called EPOC or Excess post-exercise oxygen consumption.

Now there are a lot of mixed opinions about how much weight that you actually burn. On the high side, people say you can burn blank calories, and on the low side, people say you can only burn blank calories.

However, keep in mind there are blank calories in a pound. Even on the low end, your burning calories. Even burning blank calories, the 3 to 4 days you exercise a week can add up over time.


3. Very Time Efficient

Not only is HIIT great for burning calories, but it burns calories in less time. As already stated, calories are units of energy. Because you are working out a higher intensity, you will use more energy/slash burn more calories than if you did a lesser intense activity for that same amount of time.


What Is HIIT

HIIT is when you do exercises where there are high intensity burst followed by rest breaks.  An example of HIIT would be sprinting for 1 minute, then walking for 2 minutes, and then sprinting for another minute and so on. In this example the 1 minute sprint is the high intensity activity the 2 minute walking is the rest period.

The Purpose of the Rest Period

The purpose of the rest period is so you can recharge for the next high-intensity burst. If you were working out for high-intensity non-stop, the exercise would not last long.  In these rest periods, you may stop working out entirely or do a less intensive workout.


Great HIIT Exercises For Weight Loss

Almost any exercise can be turned into a high-intensity exercise by increasing the speed and pace you do it at. For example, jogging can be turned into a high-intensity exercise by picking up the pace and sprinting.

Now some notably popular HIIT exercises include.