Changing Your Mindset For Weight Loss

Weight loss is not just about changing physically; it’s about changing mentally as well. You’re not going to go from someone who struggles to maintain a diet and exercise regime for more than a couple of weeks to an experienced dieter, someone who can lose weight and keep it off without there being some lessons learned and mental growth.

Important Mental Shifts For Weight Loss Success:

1. Start Finding The Root Cause

Whenever you have occasions when you cheat on your diet, don’t just kick yourself for breaking your diet and tell yourself you won’t do it again.

Take the time to figure out what happened and why you cheated on your diet. Because if you don’t figure out what caused you to cheat on your diet, chances are you going to cheat on your diet for the same reason in the future.

Sometimes you may have to think very analytically to find the root cause of why you cheated on your diet.

For example, if you cheated on your diet, maybe the reason is that something happened earlier in the day that put you in an emotional state and you cheating on your diet was a response to that.

Once you identify your triggers, come up with game plans so that these triggers don’t cause you to cheat on your diet in the future.


2. Start focusing on Longevity Instead of Short-Term Results

When people decide to start a weight loss diet, they’re often very excited about losing weight, so they choose a diet that will help them reach their weight loss goals the quickest.

Often, they may take on overly restrictive diets that they are not content with in the name of trying to lose weight as fast as possible. It’s important to resist this urge. Because if you are taking on a diet that doesn’t leave you feeling content, it’s very likely that you will quit the diet and regain a lot of weight you have worked so hard to lose.

Instead, create a diet that you can live with, and take your time cultivating this diet. Often it will come about through trial in error with figuring out what does work and what does not work for you.


3. Realize Diets Don’t Have To Be Horrible Thing

Its important to realize that dieting does not have to be this horrible thing where you’re constantly eating foods and meals that you don’t like

Sometimes, when you start a diet, it is a good idea to cut out certain foods because they’re too unhealthy. However, in many instances, you can eat the same foods when you’re on a weight loss diet, just in smaller portions to lower the food’s calorie intake.

To fill the hunger void of eating less of the food you like, it’s good to make a fruit, vegetable, or both a part of every meal.

So your meal can consist of the food you like, but in smaller portions and fruit, vegetables, or both.
Fruits and vegetables tend to be nutritious and low in calories.

Therefore, adding fruits and vegetables to your meals will not only make your meals more nutritious and complete, they will also make the meal much more filling without adding a lot of additional calories to your meal, thereby filling hunger void left by eating less of the foods that you like.

Having a diet where your meals consist of food that you like and healthy sides is a diet that is tasting and filling, and this is a diet that you can sustain.
The point is you never have to go without a meal without at least not eating something you like.


4. Be Patient When You Make Dieting Mistakes

Learning to create a diet that you enjoy and that serves the purpose of weight loss may take some time.


Meditation for Weight Loss: Benefits & How To

How our minds can affect our ability to lose weight is one of the most overlooked aspects of weight loss. Because oftentimes, a person will know what to do physically. They will know how to diet and exercise. However, our thinking can often be the deciding factor or can be the biggest obstacle to achieving weight loss. This is why it’s a great idea to practice meditation for weight loss.


How Meditation Can Help With Weight Loss:

Control Thoughts:

Having lack of control of your thoughts and not having the willpower to resist your thoughts all have to do with your mind not being centered. When you have thoughts such as not wanting to work out or urges to create resist food.

Control Emotions:

Its very important to get control of your emotional state. Because often time the more emotional the less objective discipline and will power we have and more impulsive we are. Also if we have negative emotions we may use foods for an escape.

One of the major emotions or feeling that cause people to eat is stress. Meditation has been shown to reduce stress.

Increases Dopamine:

Alot of times we will use food as a way to boost our dopamine when our dopamine levels are low. (Confirm that meditation does increase dopamine. Also make sure meditation increases dopamine long enough to where it can alter your food choices for that day because your dopamine is so naturally high

Additional Things You Can Do To Make You Self More Centered

Life Style Changes To Become Centered

Meditation is not the only thing you can do to make sure yourself more centered. You can also make lifestyle changes.

Identify things that cause negative emotions and avoid or manage those things better. Have a schedule full of activities that keep you engaged.

When we’re trying to exercise or diet, there are so many thoughts, emotions, ideas, opinions, and feelings that pop up in our heads that can prevent or demotivate us from exercising or dieting.

Meditation is great because it keeps your mind sharp, focused, and objective and makes you less impulsive. Because when you’re mind is impulsive, it’s less disciplined, and you’re likely to feed into and give in to these thoughts feels and emotions that stop weight .loss.

Meditation’s ability to good for the mind has been certified by science.

Meditation can be very beneficial to weight loss. As meditation is all about centering the mind, and when it comes weight loss having a centered mind can be very advantageous.

Like most pursuits, weight loss is more mental than physical, meaning we all know what to physically do lose weight we know that we need to diet and exercise, but often our own mind can thwart us from doing these activities as efficiently and consistently as we should.

Common Thoughts, Feelings, & Emotions That Undermine Weight Loss

• Uncontrolled food cravings for food outside our diets can cause us to cheat on our diets and even break our diets.

• Feelings of frustration, discouragement, impatience, and demoralize us tell we quit.

• Stress, sadness, and are negative emotions that, if left unchecked, can cause us to cheat on our diet as we will turn to food for comfort to deal with these emotions.

• Often, when we break our diets, we will feel guilt, and it turns us off to the weight loss process.

• Happiness; of course, it’s great to be happy, but sometimes we can become liberal about adhering to our diet in a happy state. So it’s important to learn about the still be discipline about your diet in our happy state.

• Thoughts of why you should skip exercising for the day.

• Boredom is not necessarily an emotion, but it is a feeling, and we will often turn to food to stimulate ourselves.

These are all thoughts emotions feelings that you may encounter, and chances are if you don’t succeed with weight loss it won’t be physical one where the exercise is too challenging it will be an emotional one.   Meditation helps you get your mind on your side so that you control your emotion and your emotions don’t control you and your actions.

Studies have shown how meditation can lead to a reduction in binge eating and emotional eating (1)(2).

What To Know When Starting A New Diet


How To Start A New Diet:

Starting a new weight loss diet can be an exciting time. But there are important things that you should know if you’re starting a weight loss diet or if you’re already on a weight loss diet that will help ensure your success.

Things To Know:

1. Realize Dieting Doesn’t Have To Be a Horrible Thing

Realize you can still eat the foods that you like and still lose weight. However, often, you have to eat these foods in smaller portions to lower the food’s calorie intake. To fill the hunger void of eating less of the food that you like, eat a healthy side such as a fruit or a vegetable. The fruit or vegetable will not just make your meals more nutritious, but they will make your meals more filling without adding a whole lot more calories.

Having a diet where your meals consist of food that you like and healthy sides is a diet that is tasting and filling, and this a diet that you can sustain.

Now, if certain foods are flat out unhealthy, you may want to cut those foods out of your diet, find healthier ways to prepare those foods, or find healthier substitutes for that food.

Because you want a diet that you like, but that is also healthy, and that’s why it’s good to talk to a doctor when constructing your diet because they know your nutrition needs better than anybody.


2. Drink Low Calorie or Calorie Free

If you’re drinking high-calorie drinks, you can save yourself a ton of calories by switching to a low calorie or calorie-free drink. You’d be surprised how many calories you drink when you’re drinking high calorie drink. Also, drinking this low calorie or calorie free drink right before meals can help fill your system up so that you can eat less.

There is a focus on watching what you eat in weight loss that people don’t appreciate watching what they drink.

Water is a great option to make your go-to drink out of; studies have shown a link between regular water consumption and reduction in body mass in overweight individuals (1)(2)(3). 

Studies have shown that drinking water’s before meals can lower calorie intake.

If you make  a habit of drinking water or a low calorie drinks before meals, you will go into your meals less hungry which could result in you taking in less calories.


3. Understand The Importance of Fruits & Vegetables

Its a good idea to add atleast one fruit or vegetable or both to each of your meals.  Making fruit and vegetables apart of your meal will not just make your meals more nutritious they will make your meals more filling without adding a lot of calories because fruits themselves are typically filling and low calories, this has a lot to do with water and fiber concentration and content.


4. Recognize Role Emotions Play In Your Diet

Recognize the role that thoughts, feelings, and emotions play in your dieting decision. Then learn how to manage your thoughts, feelings, and emotions better. Dieting is a goal or objective. Therefore you want to have an objective mindset, but when you have a lot of negative emotions, they can make your mind less objective, and you can give in to your impulses.


5. When You Do Cheat On Your Diet Learn From It

Learn from your dieting mistakes, not just current diet cheating but from occasions when you have cheated on your diet in the past.


6. Anticipate Your Learning Curve

Anticipate a learning curve & make the decision in advance to be patience with your learning curve.

If you are starting a diet, don’t think you have to hit a hole in one where your going to start diet, not make any mistakes and just lose weight.  Understand weight loss is like anything else; when you start, you may not be that great, but the longer you do it, the better you will get at it.


7. Understand That You Have To Overhaul Your Current Diet all At Once

We often hear about these famous diets, and they give us the impression that we have to overall our diets all at once, and that’s not true. 

Not to say there is anything wrong with these diet programs, but it is okay to take a baby step approach and modify your diet a little bit at a time. 

You can let your diet come about naturally. For you will stumble upon different meal ideas that work for you from time to time, and you can slowly start to make an overall diet for yourself out of these meals.


8. Make Well-rounded Balanced Meals

Incorporate fruits and vegetables into your meals.  Fruits and vegetables will not only make the meal more nutritious, but they can make the meal more filling without dramatically increasing the meal’s calorie intake, as fruits and vegetables are typically low in calories.


9. Be Prepared For Social Occasions

You will periodically encounter social occasions or situations where you are eating out. It’s important not the let these occasions totally throw you off your weight loss game plan.


10. Start To Become More Educated On Thing That Caused Binge Eating

Emotions, boredom, social occasions can all cause you to cheat on your diet.  If you find yourself cheating on your diet, become more self-aware of what’s causing you to cheat on your diet and come up with a game plan to address the issue so that you don’t continue to cheat on your diet.


11. Recognize The Importance of Distancing When You Eating From When You Sleep

You can have an effective diet, but if you’re not distancing when you eat from when you sleep, your diet can become ineffective at creating weight loss.

You see, when the body doesn’t need energy, it stores as fat for future use.

Sleep is the body’s most inactive state where the body needs the least amount of energy to function, and so the energy (or calories) that you get from foods that you eat right before you sleep may get stored as fat.  That’s why it’s so important to distance when you eat from when you go to sleep.


12. Don’t Be Afraid To Experiment

Don’t be afraid to experiment and try new things. That is how your diet gets better over time.


13. Embrace Your Inner Chef

A lot of microwave dinners taste better when you make them yourself. Now granted, it can take more time to prepare meals, but it can be worth it. You can have more freedom in what you eat. One of the main gripes of eating microwave dinners is they taste refrigerated. That is why cooking is good because your food is being prepared in a fresh way.

How To Motivate Yourself to Exercise

Exercising is one of the best things you can do for yourself and one of the best uses of your time.  Exercising improves health, physical appearance, fitness, complements many of our other pursuits, and can improve our overall quality of life.

The dilemma with working out is that we can know all of its benefits and genuinely want to work out, however right before its time to work out, we are often in a more relaxed state, and at that moment, it can be hard coming out of that relaxed state to go exercise.

However, we must start finding ways to overcome and make the decision to exercise because when exercise, we are making an investment in your overall quality of life.

In this article we will discuss various ways to motivate yourself to exercise:


Ways To Motivate Yourself To Exercise:


1. Only Allow Yourself To Listen To Music When You Work Out

Hold off listening to music throughout the week and only allow yourself to listen to music when you work out.  Pretty soon, you may find yourself actually looking forward to your next workout session because you finally have the opportunity to listen to the music that you love.

Listening to music can make the workout itself more enjoyable and thereby make working out easier.


2. Make Shorter Term Goals

Break down your long-term goal into smaller, shorter-term goals.

For example, if your goal is to lose 40 pounds over the next couple of months, break that goal into smaller, shorter-term goals.

Your short term goal can be to lose 2 to 4 pounds over the next 2 weeks. Once you achieve that goals set a new short-term goal to lose another 2 to 4 pounds in another 2 weeks after that.

Breaking your long-term goals into smaller, shorter-term goals can be beneficial for 2 reasons:

1st Reason: Makes Workouts More Meaningful & Gives You A Sense of Urgency

When your workout goal is to lose 40 pounds and your deadline for reaching this goal is months away, every work out can feel like a small insignificant contribution to achieving that goal because the goal is so great and the deadline for reaching the goal is so far off in the distant future. As a result, you may lack the motivation to work out.

However, when your workout goal is smaller, and the deadline for achieving the goal is more immediate, every workout takes on more importance in achieving this goal.

For example, if your workout goals it to lose 2 to 4 pounds in 2 weeks, then every workout between now and that 2-week mark is important. You won’t want to skip working out on an assigned workout day because you have so little time to achieve your goal, and if you do skip working out on a given workout day, you may not achieve your goal.

Therefore, when your work goals are more immediate and smaller, it makes every workout more important and more meaningful.

2nd Reason: Gives You Frequent Victories

When your goal is to lose 40 pounds, it may take a long time to achieve that goal, and so it will be a long time before you get a sense of victory or achievement.

However, when your goal is small, and it’s more immediate, such as losing 2 to 4 pounds in 2 weeks when you actually achieve that your goal, it’s very empowering, and it will give you a sense of accomplishment and is also it will give you the reassurance that what you’re doing is working and that you’re doing the right thing.

This feeling of accomplishment that you will get more frequently by having shorter-term goals is important because exercising can be a sacrifice, and when you achieve these goals, it can give you a sense of reward and boost morale to keep going.


3. Listen to Audio Pre Workout

Earlier it was said only allow you’re self to listen to music doing work out days and you can start listening to the music a little bit before your workout session.

Listen to music before you workout. The reason being is that before you workout, chances you will be in a more relaxed state, and it can be hard getting out of this relaxed state to go exercise.

Listening to music can be very helpful in getting you to go workout, because listening to upbeat music can take you out of your mentally relaxed state and put you in a mentally more pumped state, making it easier to go exercise.


4. Never Forget Your “Why”

Find constructive ways to remind yourself of your “why” that meaningful and compelling to you.


5. Cut Down The Time It Takes To Exercise

Often, one of the biggest gripes as to why people don’t want to work out is that it is too time-consuming; if this is one of your major problems with working out, it is important to understand that there are plenty of ways you can cut down on the time that it takes to work out.

Ways To Cut Down On Workout: 

• Have Your Clothing Pre-Prepared

• Shorter Higher Intensity Workouts


6. Practice Centering Yourself

To stay motivated, you often have to ward off the thoughts, feelings, and emotions that demotivate you.


7. Recognize and Appreciate What A Great Investment of Time Exercising Is

When we exercise, we often think about all the other things that we could be doing at that time. It’s important to realize that exercise is one of the best uses of your time. Many successful people with busy schedules make the time to exercise because they realize the importance. Exercise can put your body in a state where you can live your highest quality of life because when you exercise, you tend, have more energy, tend to look better, have a more capable body. It can also help the brain, and studies show, wake up the body and get better sleep. It can help build discipline and structure in your day. Exercising can complement many things that you’re doing.

Also, exercise is go’s hand and hand with a diet. One of the two main reasons people cheat on their diet is because of stress and boredom. Exercise helps with both of those. Studies show that exercising can lower stress levels. Also, when you’re exercising, you won’t be sitting around the house getting bored. So exercise perfectly complements dieting and can help you maintain your diet.


8. Enjoy The Fruits of Your Labor

Take the time to celebrate your weight loss successes.  Don’t be modest. If you’re seeing physical improvements, take the time to look at yourself in the mirror and give appreciate and pat yourself on the back for those physical improvements.


9. Become More Self Aware Of What Demotivates You

Try to recognize what causes you to become demotivated and address it or manage it.


Click here for tips on how to make exercise fun.

Does Sleeping Help You Lose Weight

How much sleep you get can play a huge part in your ability to lose weight.

There are so many reasons why if you’re trying to lose weight you should be getting plenty of rest.  Here are just a few reasons for getting plenty of sleep if you’re trying to lose weight.

Why Sleep Is Important For Weight Loss:

1. Easiest Way To Lose Weight

We often do the most demanding activities to lose weight.  We do strenuous workouts or go on really strict diets.  However, many us neglect to do the easiest thing a person can do to lose weight which is to get a full nights sleep.

Have you tried ever to lose weight by fasting or not eating for a couple of hours? 

It’s tough because your awake and your mind is conscious of things like hunger.  However, when you’re asleep your mind is not conscious of sensations like hunger, but your body is still functioning and burning calories, so when you’re sleeping you’re literally losing weight without even thinking about it.  That’s why sleeping is one of the easiest and effortless ways to lose weight.

Let’s say you only get five hours of sleep a day.  Imagine if you got the recommended eight hours.  That’s three more hours a day where you’re not eating, and your body is just burning calories.  Over time that three extra hours a day of burning fat can result in some serious weight loss. That’s why it’s important when trying to lose weight that you get the recommended eight hours of sleep.


2. Sleep Affects Your Ability To Exercise Consistently

If you are trying to get in shape and lose weight by exercising, it’s imperative that you’re getting plenty of sleep each night. 

Lack of sleep can really hinder your ability and motivation to exercise consistently.  You see, when you’re sleep deprived, you can fall asleep doing odd hours of the day to make up for the sleep you didn’t get the night before.

When you’re constantly falling asleep doing odd hours of the day, it will be impossible to maintain any sort of an exercise routine, because you can be falling asleep during the day at times when you should be exercising. 

Therefore, if you want to adhere to your exercise routine more consistently, you need to make sure you’re getting the recommended eight hours of sleep.


3. Sleep Affects Your Ability to Diet Correctly

Whatever food you eat that your body doesn’t use for energy, will be stored as fat. Which is why when you’re trying to diet and lose weight you want to eat a couple of hours before its time to go to sleep.

You don’t want to eat right before you go to sleep.  You see, when you’re sleeping your body doesn’t need a lot of energy because it’s not doing a whole lot of moving around. 

Therefore, any food that you eat right before you go to sleep will more than likely not be used for energy; instead, it will be stored as fat.  That’s why people who are sleep deprived tend to put on weight because they fall asleep at odd hours of the day, sometimes right after they’ve eaten a meal, and the food that they’ve just eaten becomes fat. 

Therefore, if you’re trying to lose weight through dieting, you want to make sure you get plenty of sleep at night.  Getting plenty of sleep at night will ensure you don’t fall asleep doing odd hours of the day possibly right after you’ve eaten a meal.

There are studies that show that lack of sleep can result in greater snacking (1).


How to Stop Cheating on My Diet?

In this article, you’re going to learn tips on how to prevent yourself from cheating on your diet.  If you follow these tips, you’ll cheat on your diet less, and you’ll achieve your weight loss goals quicker.


Tips That Will Prevent You From Cheating On Your Diet:


1. Make Your Diet Less Strict

Many people that are new to dieting make the classic beginner mistake of going on a diet that is too strict.  Understand that if your diet is too strict and you’re never eating anything that you enjoy, you’ll likely develop cravings for foods that you used to eat before you started your diet that you did enjoy.

Often, these foods that you’ll develop cravings for will be unhealthy foods.  Therefore, if your on a very strict diet that you don’t like it’s really important that you start making some changes.  Start trying and experimenting with different foods. You want to find healthy foods that you actually enjoy eating.

Once you find a nice selection of foods that are healthy and enjoyable start incorporating these foods into your diet.  Incorporating healthy foods that you actually like into your diet will make your diet more enjoyable, and will prevent you from developing cravings for unhealthy foods.

It’s important to understand that the type of diet that you should be on should not be a strict diet that solely achieves the objective of weight loss.  Your diet should be a healthy and balanced diet that achieves the objective of weight loss while at the same time leaves you feeling content and satisfied.  When your diet is healthy and leaves you feeling satisfied, you’ll be able to maintain your diet long-term.


2. Create A Busier Schedule

When you’re trying to lose weight, you don’t want a schedule where you have a lot of free time, and you’re just sitting around idle and bored because when you’re bored, you will try to find ways to stimulate yourself.

Eating pleasurable foods is one of the easiest ways to stimulate yourself during times of boredom.  That’s why many people often cheat on their diet and eat pleasurable food when they’re bored. 

Now that you understand that boredom can cause you to cheat on your diet, it’s important that you find ways to prevent yourself from becoming bored.  To prevent yourself from getting bored you need to find ways to eliminate a lot of your free time where you’re sitting around not doing anything.

You need to create a schedule for yourself that that will keep you mentally stimulated and engaged.  To create this schedule that keeps you engaged, you need first to make a list of activities that you love to do.  Then start incorporating these activities into your daily schedule. 

Doing these activities throughout the day will keep from getting bored and cheating on your diet.


3. Avoid Negativity

Stop exposing yourself to things that put you in a bad mood, because when you’re in a bad mood, you will turn to pleasurable food to make yourself feel better.


5 Benefits Of Working Out In The Morning & Advice on How To Get Up and Work Out Consistently

If you’re not exercising in the morning, it would be a great idea to start, because they’re many unique benefits to working out in the morning that many people aren’t aware of.  

Benefits of Exercising In The Morning:


1. More Convenient

Working out in the morning can be so much more convenient than working out in the evening, as we tend to be a lot busier in the evening when we get off from work or school. There are so many activities we could be doing.

That’s why working out in the evening time can feel like such a sacrifice because there are so many other activities that we could be doing at that time of day. Working out in the morning will feel like less of a sacrifice because there aren’t many other activities that we could be doing at that time of day, so we’re not missing out on anything by exercising in the morning.


2. Easier To Be Consistent

As we just mentioned exercising in the morning is more convenient for most because there is less that can get in the way, and because there are fewer things that come up in the morning than in the evening, so it is easier to be consistent.


3. Not Hanging Over Head All Day

A lot of people cause themselves a lot of unnecessary stress by having their work out sessions at the end of the day.  You see, when your work out session is at the end of the day, you spend that entire day stressing about how you have to workout when you get off work or get out of school.  When you exercise in the morning, you get exercising out the way early in the day, so you don’t spend the entire day stressing about it.


4. The Whether is Cooler in the Morning

The weather can be pretty hot and humid in the evening depending on where you live.  Exercising in hot weather can make for a very uncomfortable work out session.  If you like working out outdoors but hate working out in the evening because it’s too hot, try working out in the morning.  Temperatures are usually cooler in the morning because the sun is not all the way up.  Often, there will be a cool breeze going making the morning time the perfect time of day to work out.


5. Exercising Serves As A Great Morning Routine

For all the reasons mentioned above, exercise serves as the perfect morning routine because a morning routine is designed to get you physically and mentally for the day. As we have shown, exercise helps you do all those things.

Working out in the morning is a great way to get your blood flowing and to wake yourself up physically and mentally so that you’re prepared for the day, and when your day starts, you can hit the ground running.

How To Work Out In The Morning


1. Workout Every Day

Work out every morning no matter what. If you start succumbing to why you shouldn’t work out each day, you will be an uphill battle, which can hurt your consistency. However, if you know that you’re not going to give in to excuses, it will be easier for you to work out every day

2. Have Structured Night-Time

A structured morning starts with a structured night.

Getting Physical Exercise is a Healthy Way to Combat Stress

exercise work out stress

It’s important to understand that getting physical exercise is a healthy way to combat stress.

When you’re stressed-out exercise may the last thing you want to because you have other things on your mind.

Maybe what’s on your mind is trouble at work, a relationship problem, or some other negative event, and they just quit exercising.  They quit exercising because they find the problem that they’re dealing with too upsetting, and they don’t feel like doing burdensome activities like exercising. 

However, what these people don’t realize is that exercising is one of the best activities that they can do when they’re going through a tough time.

In this article, you’re going to learn why it’s important to maintain your exercise regime when you’re going through hard times, and how maintaining your exercise regime will help you get through those hard times.


How Exercising Helps You Deal With Problems:

1. Relieves Stress By Releasing Endorphins

Another reason why exercising is the perfect activity to do when you encounter a problem is exercising is a great stress reliever. 

Exercising triggers the release of endorphins.  Endorphins improve your mood and calm you down when you’re stressed out.  That’s why you want to continue to exercise consistently when you’re going through a tough time, and you’re stressed out because exercising will make you feel less stressed. 

Once you’re in a calm state, you will be much more effective at resolving a problem, then when you were in your stressed and emotional state.


2. Takes Your Mind Off The Problem / Great For Anxiety/Gives Outlet For Nervous Energy

The worst thing you can do when a problem occurs is dwell on it because dwelling on the problem will only make you more upset.  Instead of dwelling on the problem you, want to do a constructive activity that will take your mind off the problem.

Exercising is the perfect activity to do to take your mind off the negative situation.  Working out will keep you going so your not sitting around dwelling on the problem.


If have anxiety in general, having  a regular exercise routine can help.  Sometimes we can make poor decisions because we are in an emotional less objective state.



3. Exercising gives you a sense of improvement

When you’re exercising, you’re improving yourself; you’re becoming more fit and healthier, which is why it’s important to maintain your exercise regime when you’re going through hard times.  You see, when you’re going through hard times, you can sometimes feel like you’re in a rut.  Exercising is a great reminder that even though you might be having a problem or minor setback in one area of your life, you are improving in other areas of your life.  This helps put things into context and into perspective.  Exercise keeps you moving and keeps you going.




It will Help You Deal With The Stressful Situation Better

When you look at all the benefits that exercising when you’re going through a stressful situation provides, it all adds up to you will be be able to handle the stressful situation better.

When it does come time to do something the problem you will usually be less stressed and will be able to handle the situation better.



Day to day challenges are an unavoidable part of life, and they’re not going to stop happening when you start trying to lose weight.  You need to understand and anticipate that you will run into random life challenges when you’re on your weight loss journey.  These challenges could be issues at work, relationship problems, or random life events.  It’s important that you make a mental decision in advance that when these challenges do come up, you are going to stick to your exercise regime.  Sticking to your exercise regime during hard times will allow you to achieve weight loss and will help you get over the problem.



How To Make Exercising Fun: Ways To Make Exercising Fun

how to make exercising fun

How come things that are good for you are always the hardest to do? Whether it’s eating vegetables or exercising, it seems like the things that are best for you are also always the hardest.

Well, the thing is, every hard thing can be made to be more enjoyable, with a little bit of creativity, even exercising. Exercising can be made to be fun. Still not a believer? Well, keep on reading on, and in this article, we will go over ways of how to make exercising fun.


Ways To Make Exercising Fun

1. Hold Off Listening To Music Until You Exercise

Listening to music while you exercise is a great way to make exercising fun.  Cut off listening to music throughout the week, and only allow yourself to listen to music when you’re exercising. 

You may find yourself looking forward to exercising because you finally get a chance to listen to music. 

If you love listening to audiobooks for entertainment purposes, you can use audiobooks as well.  

Pretty soon, instead of dreading your next workout session, you may find yourself a little excited about it because you want to find out how the audiobook ends.


2. Make A Reward Out Of It

Rewarding yourself after you exercise can be a great way to make exercising fun.  For example, if you like to do online shopping, you can set aside 1, 5, or 10 dollars towards that item you always wanted to purchase every time you exercise.

This is just one example of the many ways you can choose to reward yourself.  Just make sure whichever way you chose to reward yourself makes sure it’s something you will appreciate.

The point is giving yourself some kind of a reward after you exercise is a great way to make exercise something that you can be excited about doing.


3. Make an Exercise Out of Things You Like To Do Naturally

Make an exercise out of things that you like to do naturally; for example, if you like going to the mall, make an exercise out of it.

The exercise can be walking several laps around the mall (make sure you don’t get sidetracked by the urge to shop).

When you make an exercise out of things that you like to do naturally, it feels less like exercise.


4. Set Shorter Term Goals

Set shorter terms goals. When you feel like exercising is getting you somewhere, it can be more enjoyable, and you may be more excited to do it, so break that long-term goal of losing 40 pounds over the next couple of months into short-term goals such as losing one or 2 pounds every week.


5. Work Out At Home

Working out at home can be more comfortable and more enjoyable. There are many exercises that allow you to be stationary that you can do right in the comfort of your own home that will give you a real workout. You can go to your local sporting goods store and get an inexpensive floor mat.

You do workouts that allow you to be stationary and maybe even watch tv like jumping jacks, burpees, or walking on a treadmill. You can even do these exercises in front of the tv or while watching tv, but you don’t want the tv to throw you off. You will want to practice good safety, good form, and good technique when you exercise.

Working out at home may feel so much more low maintenance, easier, and more comfortable than working outside or going to the gym because there is less preparation involved.


6. Find a Work Out Buddy

Exercising with a workout buddy can make the mood more fun and playful when you exercise.

A good relationship to have with a workout buddy is one where you can make working out a more fun and social occasion, but at the same time, you all stay focused on pushing each other and practicing good safety measures.


7. Playing Games With Your Kids

Playing games that require you to be active with your kids, such as basketball, tag, frisbee, and soccer, can be a lot of fun. Plus, it can make for a good workout; because, as every parent already knows, kids have so much energy. Therefore, it can be a good workout just keeping up with them. Plus, it’s a great way to spend time with your kid.

This is a great option for parents who say that they don’t have time to exercise because it allows you to workout while spending time with your children.


8. Make Exercise Fun Through Dance

Dance is such a fun way to exercise and lose weight.  The reason why dance is such a fun way of exercising is that you can lose yourself in the music and forget you’re working out. 

Also, you can try cutting off listening to music throughout the week and only allow yourself to listen to it when you dance, as it can make your dance experience more enjoyable.

You may find yourself looking forward to working out because you finally get to listen to music and dance.

When learning how to exercise through dance, it would be a good idea to purchase a highly recommended dance workout video. 

The dance workout video will show you what dance moves are most effective in working the body out and burning calories if that is your goal, and who knows, learning how to bust out the dance moves may come in handy one day.


9. Join A Recreation League

Great sports to get involved in are that will make you break a sweat are a basketball league, tennis league, flag football, or soccer league to new a few.

You may be surprised what you have right in your local town. It’s a lot of fun plus you can make new friends that have similar interests. Now some people when they get off work they like to relax, watch, TV and kickback, and you may say that joining a sports league is cutting into my tv time, but you may find it more enjoyable and fulfilling. 

Now if you like to relax and watch tv you may say that joing a sports league is to time consuming and will cut into more tv time, but you may find doing and activity like this is even more fun, engaging, and fulfilling then watching 


10. Try and Activity That’ve You Have Always Been Interested In

Have you had an activity that you always wanted to try but for some reason you never got around to doing? Maybe you wanted to learn how to kickbox, salsa dance, or ballet. If you have an activity that you want to try, you have another reason to do it as it can wind up being the perfect exercise for you.

You may say to yourself that this cutting into my tv time, but joining activities you love can be even more fun plus, it has been beneficial, and you’re going to get a lot more for your time. You can find classes that can teach you and train you.


11. Play Video Games That Require You To Be Active

There is a new genre of video games that requires you to be active or require you to act out the game’s motion. Some of these games can make for a great workout. Playing video games to workout may seem like a somewhat unorthodox way to exercise.

However, you may be surprised by how much of a workout you can get with playing some of these games. You can even get one of the smartwatches that track your heart rate to see how good of a workout your getting.

The best thing about using video games to workout is that you can get so lost in playing the game that you can forget that you’re exercising.

Again, it may feel a little unorthodox initially, but you may find yourself coming back day after day to exercise and play the game because you’re having so much fun and want to progress to the next stage of the game.

Studies have shown that enjoyment can be a factor that can increase and encourage physical activity (1)

5 Ways to Boost Energy – Have More Energy Throughout The Day

Having more energy throughout the day can change your entire day because you’re able to get the most out of it. When you have a lot of energy, you’ll be more upbeat and in a better mood.  You’ll also be more efficient at work and more engaged with your family and friends.  Ultimately, having more energy will allow you to give more throughout the day.  In this article, you’re going to learn how to have more energy so that can be at your best throughout the day.

Energy is a precious resource that allows you to get the most out of your time.

How To Have More Energy

1. Have A Diet Filled With Energy Promoting Foods

If you’re looking to have more energy, it’s important that you start eating healthier. 

If you want to begin your day with more energy, it’s important that you have a great breakfast in the morning.  It is argued that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and it’s hard to disagree with this argument.  Eating a good breakfast will give you an energy boost that can last you well into the day.  

A great time to eat these is in the morning.

For breakfast, you want to be eating healthy foods that will provide you plenty of energy.  Oatmeal is a perfect example of something healthy that you can eat for breakfast that will provide you plenty of energy.

Bellow we will discuss foods that are a healthy source of energy.

(Foods That Have A Good Sugar & Fiber Combination) Foods that have a great sugar fiber combination where don’t have enough sugar to be fattening or unhealthy just enough to provide energy and they also have fiber which slows down the absorption of the sugar)

• Bananas

• Oatmeal

(Foods That Have Protein)

• Nuts


2. Cut Back On Foods That Zap Your Energy

Stop drinking coffee to wake yourself up in mourning.  Coffee is loaded with caffeine that will give you a quick energy spike followed by a crash.  A great alternative to coffee is green tea.  Green tea has caffeine too.  However, green tea doesn’t have as much caffeine as coffee, so green tea can give you an energy buzz without you crashing soon after.  Also, green tea has in it a substance called L-theanine which can calm you down, so won’t be bouncing off the walls like when you drink coffee.

Types of foods not to eat:

Sugary Foods: Minimize your intake of junk foods that have a lot of processed sugar in them because foods that contain a lot of processed sugar give you a quick spike followed by a dip in your energy.


-Processed Candy

High In Caffeine:

Foods With Alot of Processed Fat:

They can cause you gain weight making you expend more energy to care around more weight when you move around.


3. Regularly Exercise

You will naturally have more energy throughout the day if you exercise regularly. Exercise can help with energy in a multitude of ways.

Blood Circulation:  Exercise enhances your blood circulation which leads to the more efficient delivery of oxygen throughout the body.  When oxygen is delivered more efficiently throughout the body, the result is more energy. Exercise also causes the release of endorphins which can improve our mood.

Aids In Weight Loss: Also, when you exercise, you will usually be carrying around less fat and will be lighter on your feet.

Releases Endorphins: Exercise can release endorphins which can cause your mood in to improve.


4. Get a Full Nights Sleep

A great day starts with a great night.  Skip watching that last tv show that always keeps you up late, because watching that last tv show is not worth you feeling sleepy and having low energy the next day.


5. Do things to Improve Your Mood

It’s not just your energy that affects your activity level. It’s also your mood as well. Therefore, to get the most out of your day, you don’t just want to have a lot of energy. You want to be in a great mood.

Do what you love: Do Things That You’re Passionate About That You Put You In A Happy State

Be Around Positive People: Be Around People That Put You In Positive Spirits

Exercise: As touched on earlier exercise can help improve your mood

Work On Becoming More Present: Becoming  a more naturally present person will allow you to take full advantage of your energy.