Are Cherries Good for Weight Loss?

cherries weight loss

Cherries can be an excellent food to incorporate into a weight loss as they have a conservative number of calories and promote satiety. A cup full of cherries only contains about 77 calories.

There are three traits of cherries that allow cherries to promote satiety while at the same being low in calories:

High Concentration of Water 

Cherries’ high-water concentration helps cherries to be a lower calorie food while aiding in cherries’ ability to promote satiety. Water has no calories, and water consumed in the right amount can encourage satiety. As a result, foods with high water concentrations regularly have reduced amounts of calories and, at the same time, can bring about satiety. Cherries are made up of 81 percent water.

Fiber Content

Another reason why cherries are able to promote satiety at relatively little calorie expense has to do with their fiber content. Because it’s hard for the body to break down and retrieve calories out of fiber, fiber moves through the digestive system largely intact, taking up space and thereby promoting satiety. A one-cup serving of cherries contains 2.5 grams of fiber which is about 10 percent of the recommended daily intake.

Caloric Content Found in Moderate Amounts

As mentioned before, cherries contain water, no calories, and fiber, almost no calories. However, not all contents of cherries have no calories or nearly no calories like their water and fiber content. Cherries do have caloric content; most of the cherries’ calories come from their sugar content. One gram of sugar has four calories. However, cherries don’t have sugar in overly excessive amounts like many processed foods with a lot of added sugar. As said before, a cup of cherries contains 77 calories, making cherries a weight-loss-friendly food.

How Cherries Can Be Consumed for Weight Loss

Cherries can be eaten all themselves but are typically eaten with other foods. When cherries are added to other foods, they help the overall meal promote satiety without adding a lot of calories to the meal, which can be great for weight loss. Cherries can also be used as a low-calorie alternative to satisfy one’s sweet tooth compared to higher calorie processed foods that have a lot of added sugar. Cherries can complement many foods.

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