What is Tempeh, and Why Is It So Special?

Tempeh is a great meat alternative, which can be beneficial for people who are looking to limit there meat consumption or cut meat out of their diet entirely or altogeather.

Tempeh can be prepared in such a way where its texture can emulate meat.

Also, tempeh has all nine essential amino acids. In general, you see meats are renowned for being great protein sources, and one of the main reasons is because they have all nine amino acids. However, very few plant sources have all nine, meaning that you often have to go to more than one plant source to get all the essential amino acids.

It has all nine amino acids. Making it a complete protein source. That is important you see many plant types have some but not others, so you have to eat a variety of different plants. Tempeh has all 9. When getting protein from plants, you often have to go to more than one plant source to get all nine essential amino acids that you would find in most meat-based protein sources. However, this is not the case with tempeh. You see, the protein from most meats has all nine essential amino acids and are complete proteins which are why meats are often referred to great protein sources. However, most plants do not have all nine amino acids and therefore may have to go to more than one plant source to get all nine essential amino acids. However, this is not the case with tempeh. Tempeh has all nine amino acids. However, it’s good to eat a diet where you consume a variety of plants anyway because it’s not just about the amino acids it’s other nutrients that you will only get from eating a variety of plants. I believe its texture, appearance, and pace might replicate meat that can emulate meat. Or you can say it can be prepared in such a way where it can make a great alternative to meats. It can be prepared in a way where it emulates meat.
Tempe is made up of soy, blank, and blank.
Tempe comes from fermented soybeans (fermented meaning that …….), and the beans are put together in a block.
Tempe is made from fermented soybeans (have fermented hyperlinked and have it go down to the part of the page where it talks about the fermenting part of the cooking process and also explain in general what fermenting is.

Tempeh is a soy-based product.
I believe it to be used as an alternative to meat with vegetarian.
I believe its texture, appearance, and pace might replicate meat.
I believe tempeh has all nine amino acids.

How To Prepare Tempeh

What Does Tempeh Taste Like

Benefits of Bush Tea

Bush tea also goes by rooibos tea. Bush tea is a very popular tea found in Africa. However, it’s consumed throughout the world. Now research on bush tea is limited, but it does have many potential benefits; however, many of the benefits have not been backed by science yet. Bush tea has many contents that are associated with various benefits. Bush tea comes from the leaves of the rooibos plant, and I believe that this tea goes by many other names.
This plant can be found in South Africa. This tea is popularly consumed in South Africa.
This is a tea is unknown to much of the general public but has been around for quite some time.
Bush tea has decent amounts of fluoride and copper.

Bush is Caffeine Free
There is no caffeine in bush tea
Bush Could Be Potentially Good For Diabetes
I believe bush tea may have contents that are good for diabetes. But I believe if you obviously add high amounts of sugar-rich sweeteners, it will diminish its ability to be good for diabetes.

Bush Tea Could Be Good For Blood Pressure
Drinking bush tea could potentially have a positive impact on one’s blood pressure. There may be contents in bush tea that are good for blood pressure.

Weight Loss Friendly

I believe when you put the tea in the water, you are starting from an almost net-zero base, so it has the potential to be very weight loss friendly just as long as you don’t add a lot of high-calorie sweeteners to it.

Bush tea can be a potentially great addition to your weight loss diet.

Health Precautions
If you have cancer that can be affected by estrogen, this tea may not be a good tea for you to drink.

How To Make It
Popular was to make bush tea are:

Bush tea has a unique taste
Robious tea has a very interesting history.

How To Stay Motivated To Lose Weight

One of the most important things you can do when learning how to lose weight is to learn how to stick with it past the honeymoon period’s initial excitement because wisdom and success happen in the long-term.

When people first start their weight loss journeys, they are on top of the world, and then they reach a point where people just aren’t as into losing weight, which can happen for a lot of reasons. In this article, we will discuss some of the reasons and how to stop yourself from becoming demotivated to lose weight.

Its important to understand why people get demotivated and how we can prevent it.


1. Create A Reasonable Diet

You will be fired up when you first make the decision to lose weight, but that fire will cool down a bit. You want to have a reasonable diet that you can maintain even when that fire cools down.  This is why its important to take on a diet that is extreme because as the weight loss honey moon period ends you may not be able to maintain your overly strict diet.


2. Create A Reasonable Work Out Regime

It’s also important to create a workout schedule that you can maintain long-term because similar to dieting, you may become not as excited about losing weight as you were when you first started, and you need a workout regime that you can maintain even when you’re in a less excited state.


3. Visualize The Benefits of Achieving Your Weight Loss Goals

Find ways to remind yourself of your why that is uplifting, positive, and motivating. If you’re able visual some of the benefits of achieving your weight loss goals it can be very motivating and encouraging, and can inspire to keep going on your weight loss journey. That is why its good to periodically visualize the benefits of achieving your weight loss goals.


4. Create Structure

Understand weight loss is about creating structure and consistency.  Whenever something happens that throws you off your routine try to learn from it so that it doesn’t happen again in the future.


5. Give Yourself More Immediate Gratification

It can easy to lose motivation when you have weight loss goals that are in the distant future. Each exercise that you do seems a small drop in the bucket from achieving that far-off future goal.

Why HIIT is Great For Weight Loss

HIIT or (High-Intensity Interval Training) is extremely effective at creating weight loss.


Why HIIT Is So Effective For Weight Loss

1. Burns More Calories

Simply put, calories are units of energy. When the body consumes more calories than it needs, the leftover energy becomes stored energy, otherwise known as fat.

The reason why high-intensity interval training is so good for weight loss is that when you increase the intensity at which you exercise, it requires more energy to perform the exercise; therefore, you’re burning for energy, calories, and eventually more fat.

Now when you pick up the intensity at which you perform an exercise, it requires more energy to perform it. That’s why you’re more exhausted if you’ve done an exercise at a higher intensity.

So it should be no surprise when you pick up the pace and intensity at which you exercise, more energy will be required to perform the exercise, and you will thereby burn more calories and ultimately burn more fat.


When you exercise at a high intensity, you don’t just burn calories during the exercise process itself; you continue to burn calories post-exercise.

This called EPOC of (blank)

Now there are a lot of mixed opinions about how much weight that you actually burn. On the high side, people say you can burn blank calories, and on the low side, people say you can only burn blank calories.

However, keep in mind there are blank calories in a pound. Even on the low end, your burning calories. Even burning blank calories, the 3 to 4 days you exercise a week can add up over time.

3. Very Time Efficient

You can get a great workout and burn the calories in a fraction of the time.


What Is HIIT

HIIT is when you do exercises where there are high intensity burst followed by rest breaks.  An example of HIIT would be sprinting for 1 minute, then walking for 2 minutes, and then sprinting for another minute and so on. In this example the 1 minute sprint is the high intensity activity the 2 minute walking is the rest period.

The Purpose of the Rest Period

The purpose of the rest period is so you can recharge for the next high-intensity burst. If you were working out for high-intensity non-stop, the exercise would not last long.  In these rest periods, you may stop working out entirely or do a less intensive workout.


Great HIIT Exercises For Weight Loss

Almost any exercise can be turned into a high-intensity exercise by increasing the speed and pace you do it at. For example, jogging can be turned into a high-intensity exercise by picking up the pace and sprinting.

Now some notably popular HIIT exercises include.



What Is The Keto Diet

The keto diet is one of the most, if not the most, popular diet in the world.  It’s a diet that has been backed by many doctors and scientists alike. 

So the question becomes why has the keto diet been successful for so many when other diets have not.

Now the simple and short answer to the question of why keto has been so effective compared to many other diets is that it is so effective because it makes your body more effective at burning body fat.

How Does the Keto Diet Make Your Body More Efficient At Burning Fat?

To understand how the keto diet makes the body more efficient at burning fat it’s important to understand where and how the body gets energy.

The body gets its energy from the proteins, carbs, and fats it consumes. Now all energy sources are not created equal. The body can extract energy out of some sources easier than others.  The easiest source for the body to get energy from is simple sugar.

This is why if you’re eating a diet high in carbs where you’re constantly eating carbs they body won’t bother as much to burn stored fat, because it has fresh new supply of carbs that are being consumed that it can get energy from.

When you deprive your body of its primary energy source and then replace the primary source from carbs to fat, it must adjust physically. That is ketosis, where the body makes a physiological change, adjusts, or adapts by going through a physiological change called ketosis to where it can get energy from fat. With ketosis, ketones develop, making the body better able to withdraw energy from fat. Now that stored pesky stubborn fat is no longer safe because the body is more geared to burn fat, than compared to when you had a diet where you were taking in a lot of carbs.

Ketosis is great because if makes your body more efficient at burning fat.

Studies show that the keto diet can be good for weight loss (1).

What Should Meals Look Like With The Keto Diet

It doesn’t take a huge amount of fat content, as many fats are very calorie-dense.

Weight Loss Tips

There are certain must-know tips when trying to lose weight. Many people have to learn these lessons through trial and error.  However, in this article, we want to speed up your learning curve. Here are some great tips to help you speed up your weight loss learning curve.

1. Never Completely Quit/Always Come Back

I know “don’t give up” sounds cliché, but this is very important. There will be times when you want to give up, and there will be times when you actually quit. However, it’s important always to come back. You see, each time you come back, you come back wiser and smarter. If you stick out over the long haul, that’s where true success happens.

Don’t ever quit completely. Always come back and try to remember why it didn’t work the last time so that you can come back bigger and better.

You may hit certain points where you’re just not as into losing weight, which can happen for a variety of reasons. Sometimes these breaks can be longer than others but always come back. By dusting off your shoulders, you come to be better, and over time you will gain the wisdom to lose weight and keep it off long-term.


2. Try To Make Your Meals Enjoyable

Try to make your meals not just weight loss friendly & nutritious but also filling & enjoyable. You can do this by having a filling, healthy side.  A great way to do this to have a healthy filling entrée and fruit or vegetable on the side. The entrée job is to make the meal tasty and satisfying and the fruit or vegetable is to make meal nutritious and filling.  Now keep in mind you want to make sure that the entrée is filling.


3. Have A “Can Do Attitude”

Understand that many people who are successful with weight loss may have a rocky start. But they never quit permanently or for good. When they did quit they would come right back smarter and wiser.  


4. Scratch Beneath The Surface

Whenever you cheat on your diet always scratch beneath the surface to see what’s truly causing you to cheat on your diet.


5. Make A Journal

It was just mentioned, weight loss is about learning about yourself, and it can be a lot to keep track of, so it’s good to make a journal and go back to regularly because you may have forgotten some stuff that you’ve lost.


6. Shift Your Focus From Losing Pounds to Being Consistent

Shift your focus from losing weight to creating a lifestyle that you can maintain long-term. You see, anyone can lose weight—the real challenge is maintaining that weight loss.

Stop focusing on the number on the scale, and start focusing on consistency.

Is Fiber Good For Weight Loss?

Fiber consumption may aid in weight loss. The reason why fiber is great for weight loss is because fiber fills you up at virtually no calorie expense.

Weight loss is all about creating a calorie deficit where an individual is taking in a lower amount of calories than that individual is burning. Since fiber can fill you up with virtually no calorie expense, fiber can help you achieve that calorie deficit.

How Is Fiber Able To Fill You Up At Virtually No Calorie Expense

The reason why fiber is great for weight loss because it’s hard for the body to break down. You see calories are units of energy that are extracted out of the foods we eat. When we take in to much energy or calories the excess energy is stored as fat.

Now because the body has a hard time breaking down fiber it is for the most part unable to extract energy out of fiber. Therefore fiber travels through the body taking up space in your system and thereby filling you up but it doesn’t contribute virtually any calories to the body.

Now not all fibers are created the same. Two fibers that are great for weight loss

There are 2 main categories of fiber soluble fiber and insoluble fiber.  Soluble fiber has the ability to absorb liquids insoluble fiber does not. We go over how each category of fiber can aid in weight loss.

Soluble Fiber (Absorbs Water)

Soluble fiber is not just great for weight loss because it is filling and has virtually no calories. It’s also great for weight loss because it has the ability to absorb liquids. This capability gives soluble fiber the potential to be very weight loss friendly.

Insoluble Fiber (Does Not Absorb Water)

Insoluble fiber does not absorb water like soluble fiber does. But it’s still great for weight loss because it travels through the body mostly intact, taking up space but not contributing a lot of calories.


Great Fiber Rich Foods That Are Good Weight Loss:



Oatmeal (soluble fiber

(Many foods have both soluble and insoluble fiber)




Fiber consumption can contribute to better weight and health management (1)(2)(3).

Can Chicken Help With Weight Loss

Chicken has the potential to be great for weight loss because it’s very filling and relatively low in calories. For example, a grilled chicken 3-ounce breast only contains 102 calories, and a single chicken breast has the potential to be very filling. 

Weight loss comes down to consistently taking in a lesser amount of calories relative to that what is being burnt, so foods like chicken that are both low calorie and filling have the potential to be great for weight loss.



How you prepare chicken can decide whether is a weight loss friendly meal or not, and with chicken less is always more.

Depending on you how prepare chicken, it can eat away at its ability to weight loss-friendly; for example, when you fry chicken, you are cooking in calorie-dense oils that can dramatically increase the calories overall. When it comes to the preparation of the chicken from a weight loss perspective, usually the lesser ingredients, the better. However, if you one to add things, add them in moderation. If you start to prepare chicken with to many high calorie ingredients it can stop chicken’s ability to be weight loss friendly. There are a variety of ways you can prepare chicken where it will still be weight loss friendly.


You want to remove the chicken skin. Removing the skin will help lower calorie count of the chicken.

Chicken is one of the best protein sources or one of the most abundant protein sources.

Protein can help reduce ghrelin which is a hunger hormone.

Proteins potential to reduce someone’s apetite is not just hypothetical various studies show that protein is great at reducing appetite. Chicken is one of the best sources of protein.


Protein has been shown to both make you increase periods of fullness and also it has been shown to diminish appetite, both of the abilities that chicken has can ultimately result in lower consumption of calories which can lead to weight loss.

One of the reasons chicken is great for weight loss is because chicken is packed with protein.

How To Stop Stress Eating

Stress can cause unhealthy eating and weight gain because you will turn for food comfort to relieve yourself from the stress when you’re stressed. When this happens, a lot of unhealthy eating can occur because you’re in a more impulsive state.

Stress’s effect on bad eating is not hypothetical. There are studies that show a link between cortisol, which is a chemical that is released when you’re stressed and bad eating.

There is one chemical, in particular, cortisol which is released and upon times of stress, and there have been studies that have shown a link between cortisol and unhealthy eating practices.

Stress eating may seem purely emotional but keep in mind emotions are chemical reactions, in when you’re stress and then you turn to eating keep in mind that they’re a lot of chemicals at play.

How To Stop Stress Eating

– Find alternative ways to deal with stress or find outlets for your stress. An example of an outlet for stress is exercising, exercising can be a great way to deal with    

– Learn what causes you to stress, and then find better ways to deal with or avoid these triggers so they don’t cause you stress.  Keep in mind it may be a single even that causes you stress you may just have a natural anxiety.

– Have a morning routine. If you have a morning routine where you can prepare for the day physically and mentally, it can reduce  the stress you feel that day.

– Get professional guidance on how to deal with stress.

– Always keep going, never just sit in wallow dwell on whatever is stressing you out because chances are you will stress yourself out even more.

– Practice centering your mind. There are studies that show that meditation can lead to a reduction in binge eating and emotional eating (1)(2).

Are Apples Good For Weight Loss

Apples can be great for weight loss because apples are filling and are low in calories. 

It’s important to understand that to achieve weight loss, one has to be taking in fewer calories relative to what they’re burning, and making like apples that are filling to eat and moderate in calories apart of your diet can help you achieve that goal.

The reason why apples are so great for weight loss is that they are very filling, yet they have very few calories. Eating one or two apples can fill you up, and a medium apple contains only about 95 calories.


How Are Apples Able To Be So Filling Yet Be So Low In Calories?

There are several reasons why apples are able to be so filling and yet low in calories.  In this sections we will list the reasons.

High Water Concentration

One of the main reasons apples are so filling but yet are so low in calories is because of their water concentration. As water has no calories and is filling to consume. Therefore, foods with a huge water concentration tend to be low in calories and filling to consume.

Apples are made up of percent water.


High Fiber Content

As you may already no calories are units of energy.

It’s hard for the body to break down fiber and extract energy. Fiber passes through the body largely intact, and fiber has almost no calories and fiber is filling when it’s in your system. Therefore foods that have fiber contents tend to be very filling and lower in calories and great for weight loss.


Contents That Contain Calories Are Found In Small Amounts

Not all contents found in apples have no or almost no calories, like fiber and water content found in apples.  Apples also have sugar, which has contents. But these contents that have calories are found in very small amounts, quantities, or grams.



Apple’s potential to be great for weight loss is not just theoretical. There are many studies that show a link between apples and various contents found in apples and weight loss.

Research has revealed a possible association between better weight management and fiber (1)(2)(3).



-This study show fiber, which, as been mentioned before, is a content found in apples, is great for weight loss.

Apples have the potential to be great for weight loss because they can fill you up at very little calorie expense. There are studies that show a link between apple consumption and weight loss.


Not A Sure Thing

Earlier it was explained that apples are very filling and low calories making them great for weight loss.

Now although apples are a weight loss-friendly food, that doesn’t guarantee if you eat apples, you’re going to weight loss because weight loss doesn’t come down to if you’re eating one food or not. It comes down to the combined calorie intake of all the foods you eat. If the calorie intake of the foods you eat is less than what your body burns, then you will experience weight loss.